A child friendly coffee table

I adore my hand made oak coffee table. Which is why I’ve hidden it away since my wonderful daughter started moving around, drawing on anything that doesn’t move and bashing things in order to make as much noise as possible. My beautiful coffee table now lives behind the sofa, covered in a layer of protection from the sticky, clumsy, chubby little hands of a toddler.

I don’t mind that it’s hidden away really. I would much rather have my child than the coffee table, but now I have nothing to sit my cup of tea on. This is a problem for me, because I, and anyone else who is in my house, invariably has to grab something from a child, or grab a child itself in order to stop said child from falling or whacking another child over the head with a toy. And you really need to be able put your cuppa down in order to do that effectively.

In my searches, I came across this idea that I absolutely love: a chalkboard coffee table!



Now I know, it may not be the most sophisticated of coffee tables, but when you decide to have a kid, you do need to leave some of your elegant, beautiful, expensive furniture in your pre-kid life. Particularly the elegant, beautiful, expensive furniture that’s well within reach of tiny, unbridled and spontaneous person.

But this truly is a fantastic idea.


You can buy them for anything up to about £400, but it’s just as easy to make your own. All you need is a can of chalkboard paint, and half an hour, tops!

You can use a laminate table that’s got nice legs, or go to your local reclamation yard, charity shop or second hand furniture shop and find something a bit older that you love the look of.

You might even (like me) have an old table, not in perfect condition, you bought a few years ago and have been planning on refinishing…


A simple coat of chalkboard paint turns a modern table to a one-of-a-kind centrepiece in a child-friendly room.

It’s definitely a piece for a family home, but it doesn’t have to be covered in toddler scribbles 24/7. A little wipe, a tidy up and your one of a kind table will be ready for your visitors.

Of an evening, it could even be turned into your scorecard…


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