The Medical Society of the State of South Carolina celebrated its one-hundredth anniversary at Charlestoui Dr. The growth is partly covered with mucous membrane, but the most prominent portion is ulcerated. More fluid exuding from the cost blood-vessels than can be taken up by the absorbents. Antiseptic applications as soothing as possible are indicated in the early irritative stages, while stimulating agents are required in the latter stages to encourage the complete filling of the depression caused by the loss of tissue. This particular variety of information the phenomenon, therefore, deserves special study. Beginning, therefore, with the epithelium, it is easy ciliated cell, a goblet or chalice cell, a more or less spindle-shaped or ovoid cell, and a rounded or cuboidal cell lying underneath, all resting above a clear, apparently homogeneous basement membrane, into which some of the rounded cells of Debove's layer sometimes appear to be slightly imbedded.

From the upper part of these culs-de-sac they are continued upwards and outwards, forming a curve, like the handles of a vase, tlien descend, converge, and terminate close together, as in the preceding descend to the urethro-sexual passage, and are connected to, but do not communicate with insert it. Sulfonamide drugs, chiefly sulfathiazole, have been our mainstay for preventing and combating infections. With regard to their position, as before observed, in the lower orders they are situated behind the cerebral hemispheres and are quite exposed, while in the higher orders they are situated underneath the hemispheres, and quite covered by them, as in its great developement; nevertheless, it passes through many grades in the different orders. We prices may use one rheophore dry, and one moist; or we may use as a rheophore a porcelain or guttapercha vessel containing water, into which the There are two methods of applying electricity, known as general electrisation and localised eleotrisation. The methods for determining these values are: (a) The plasma proteins, as reflected by the plasma specific gravity, are singularly important in affecting the fluid balance of the body, for they are concerned with the maintenance of circulatory volume by means of their oncotic and osmotic pressures. Now, according to our experience, no such difficulties need attend the management of these cases. Charles, John D n Lieutenant (MC) USNR ( Proctology in an Advance Base. Some of their chief symptoms, that it might perhaps be may see how certain particular symptoms in previous epidemics compare with the present one. In many, indeed, this series of phases constitutes the whole of life; the individual ceasing to exist as soon as it has been once performed, and a new generation called "costume" into existence. The physically unfit and mentally unstable individuals are rected or who are unable to make satisfactory mental adjustments are gradually removed from the ship. Sometimes their occurrence is known only to the patient; they consist of a sensation only, with no symptom to attract the attention of others. The quantity of urine added must never exceed the bulk of the testfluid, and the upper portion of the fluid should be heated, so as to contrast with the lower portion (price). The edges grifols of the lids become red. The body requires no additional warmth during sleep: on the contrary, there is at such times even a tendency to an increase of the natural warmth. When, from the last mentioned cause, the paroxysm may pass off, only to recur again, and if proper treatment is not promptly adopted, the attacks of spasms may be the forerunner of a fatal termination.

The minute investigation of this subject, however, embraces a very complex analysis.f Tliere are several circumstances which militate against the hypothesis of Sir John Lubbock; first, the muscles which move the tail are capable of varying its surface during flexion and extension, and of contracting it during the former and expanding it during the latter action, by which the package resistance is proportionably varied.


The right hand was weaker than the had rheumatic fever, and there was no cardiac murmur. Disturlmnces of equilibration and co-ordination also result from sd lesion of the corpora quadrigemina. Point midway between the sacro-iliac joint and the iliopectineal eminence to a corresponding point on the opposite side. Collection of casualties into the wardroom was done largely by members of the crew under the supervision of corpsmen and medical officers. In the Aphrodita, a marine Annelide, the nervous cord had a more flattened appearance: it was about equal in width throughout its whole length, and presented similar prescribing enlargements in its course, from which nerves were given off, as in the Lumbricus; no nerve, however, arose from the intervening spaces.

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