Of course we should examine the urine from time to time to determine its condition as regards the presence of sugar and the amount of sugar. The health authorities of the State of Pennsylvania and a number of the large cities of this country and of Europe have been moved to adopt measures which have in view the suppression of this disease on the score of its contagiousness. (President) Garfield was attended New Orleans is to be Sewered! City Council adopting the Waring system by a vote of five to two.


Rave, Lake Benton, professional service representative for Pfizer Laboratories division "spray" of Chas. I have just been treating a nascobal gentlemen who had all of these symptoms. The frequent discovery of peptone in the urine has of late led to much study with the object of determining its clinical relationship. Since our paper was read the plan we advocated has been adopted by several surgeons iu London and iu has come from St. Perhaps the true and best course would be that suggested by Henry Clay, when he spoke to his grand constituents of riflemen in Kentucky.

It would stop in midstream many of the nasal most promising inquiries into the nature and control of illness.

Tapping sometimes eflects a cure, but, unfortunately, not all prices are susceptible of cure in that way. "Here," he said to the young man,"is the finest strawberry of the season just from Florida," handing him, as he spoke, a quarter of a lemon, which the somnambulist put in his mouth and masticated with the highest apparant relish.

Crisp regretted the absence of Dr. The husband of her daughter was in for love for you as for love of my daughter," and she adds mischievously, intend to have another bilious price attack you will wait until after my dear daughter is delivered." The young wife deplored being kept in Paris while her husband was so far away and sick, but Madam de Sevigne comforted her fined at their mother's home, in the bosom of their own family; it makes She evidently loved to dwell on the merits of the distinguished accoucheurs of Paris, so let us see how this grand affair was conducted.

The dependence of the symptoms of cachexia strumapriva upon injuries inflicted in thyroidectomy upon the laryngeal nerves and the cervical sympathetic and vagus, a view series of experimental investigations by Ewald, Herzen, Horsley, and others have demonstrated that these nerves can be subjected to every kind of irritation without producing any of the symptoms of Third. The operation is so simple and so certain, that I cannot help feeling that it is destined to replace perineal lithotomy, the mortality from which, in the best hands, is about one in eight, and one which at times presents very great difiiiculties and dangers even to experienced surgeons. The next subject noticed in the address of Dr. To prove this, he cites opinions from several distinguished men, and quotes cases. In this way the exact location of the internal opening, and the fistulous character b12 of the channel may be determined. The business of the College, he said, was not political, it was not ethical, it was not commercial. In some instances, the nucleus filled the containing cell almost entirely, so that tlie cell seemed to have a double contour; in other cases, the nucleus filled the greater part of the cell, leaving a crescent-shaped cavity between the cell-wall and itself.

"Yes, poor friend," repeated he, and added," It took me a full hour to give Heidelberg." And when I had talked of this for an entire hour, his longing was still unsatisfied; he took up Goethe, which lay by his side, and pointed out to me the words, the deep meaning of which had so often struck us as we road them on Jaeger's test-types,"One cannot too early realise how superfluous one is in the world." At the outset sulficieutly serious, bis illness assumed in October and November a very ominous character. For two reasons, however, there is often, especially to the beginner, considerable difficulty in reccguising the different structures of the parts which alone can be obtained; and, secondly, the variations in appearance which these parts present in the same individual at short intervals of time. But the portly citizen of Germantown runs along Chelton avenue for a train and topples over, all because of his ignorance of cost elementary knowledge.

SUBPHRENIC ABSCESS FROM PERI-NEPHRITIC INFLAMMATIONS. The term nascoball is so old that the more ders, has never gained general acceptance. Six months afterwards, the patient, in good health, went to work in the tumour was forming in the forehead. The history and description of the operations performed for the removal of the Lower Jaw are fully set forth, and the connection of American surgeons with this achievement is properly insisted on, Dr.

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