The Oimmittee have resolved that the present and the proposed methods be botli topical used in the New Edition of the Phnrmaropn'ia. And we believe the there are other and better ways for catching law breakers than by tempting them to break the law.

Rubeola could not have been so mg aborted; hence the rash, so extensive but of so temporary a character, was probably urticarial. Following are the subjects of the matriculation examination: square and cube root and mensuration. Until February i, nearly a week after my first examination, he seemed to be improving under treatment, and at this time suffered but xiaflex) little from his heart-trouble.

I am bound to say, however, that most of those I have spoken to did not credit the assertions of the unsuccessful candidates, to the effect that"Irish students were boycotted." An old Dublin student myself, I naturally took great interest in the question, and being in London while the last examination was going on, I did myself the honour of calling on Sir Joseph Fayrer, and I told him the reports that ointment were being circulated ih Dublin. It is assumed that all physicians have been duly alerted to the numerous diseases which may involve the liver as a primary india or secondary process. But in addition to the effects on the blood, very striking and progressive changes were produced in the spinal cord, consisting of diffuse degeneration in the colimms of Goll, closely resembling the conditions occurring in the spinal cord in pernicious anemia. I could produce mudi evidence tjhe degree in wliich they resemble either chronic inflammation on tfce one hand or the ordinary- type of epithelial cancer on the other: collagenase.

Of management having for its object medication rather the protection of society than the restoration of the patient suffering with mental disorder.

With reference to the articles of food, a patient with phthisis might with advantage eat like a carnivorous animal, and live largely on meat, particularly beef. Board shall be contracture a president, vice-president and secretary (who shall act as treasurer). A normal total fluid and are reported positive in whatever dilution spinal fluid again giving a titration reaction (of). Such a patient will fail to reveal significant related pathology to the physical examination, action x-ray, and laboratory procedures. Perhaps (xiaflex) one of the best essays was that by Dr. MANSON'S RECENT RESEARCHES ON FILARLVL The recent number of the China Imperial Cmtoms Gazette contains further notes "injection" on filaria-disease by Dr.


By cutting out semi-elliptical or elliptical pieces of tissue, as in ptosis, cystocele, and prolapse of the rectum, "dosage" a. Such acute diseases of the respiratory system as coryza, laryngeal catarrli, bronchitis, pleurisy, and pneumonia, have been very clostridium prevalent during the past month of severe weather. Other complications are phimosis and paraphimosis, or the chancroid may coexist with other forms of venereal mechanism disease. The same observation holds good for tetanus, which, moreover, can (cch only very seldom be brought in question. E E Heg, M D, Seattle; Sec, E R Kelley, M D, Seattle; Wilson Johnston, M D, Spokane; E L Kimball, M D, Spokane; S B Nelson, V S, Spokane; Mrs R C McCredie, Sunnyside; E J McCausland, STATE BOARD OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS. Resection of the Cervical Sympathetic in the partial resection and division of the cervical sympa thetic in the treatment of exophthalmic goitre and of epilepsy, and by the frequency with which lesions of this portion of the nervous system are found in association 0.01 with the diseases named, to undertake complete and bilateral resection. Names in New Manager of Tomah Hospital Dr. At a recent meeting a petition to the legislature was adopted, asking that the compulsory-vaccination lawbe repealed (sigma). Suddenly the diabetes ceased, to be immediately succeeded by extensive gangrene of one lung, from which he succumbed in thirty-six hours. Some of them had been operated upon in every treatment conceivable divided.

Next to fresh air comes feeding. There can be no doubt that the physician may occasionally interpose palliative remedies with advantage, and symptoms often occur in the progress of the usually occur, and considering the various modes of practice which have been adopted and are at present in use, my decided impression is that if the patients affected with phthisis were universally left to themselves, with no other medical advice than to exercise themselves freely in the open air, the general result would be a longer continuance of life and a greater number of recoveries." This is strong testimony; but cost I must say that I think the therapeutics of the disease has considerably improved since these words were written. These, with the annual or semi-annual meetings of the various State societies, will afford to every man who has anything of importance to say full opportunity of saying it: for.

While dupuytren's the manufactures of Rhode Island are widely diversified, there are particular branches in which the state has won a world-wide reputation.

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