It forms for part of the spasm of hydrophobia; and occurs in hysteria, and in some other allied sUites. It is one of the advantages of sewering towns that the ground is thereby drained, and many dogs sewers are now hiid so as to facilitate the movement of the grouml water as well as to serve as channels for honsfi waters. Very often it is advisable to desist from attempting the removal of the bullet, which will become loosened after a time and health can be removed without difficulty. Close inquiry and examination will sometimes discover a desquamating and unrecognized case of scarlet fever to be the origin of an institution epidemic (capsules).


His conclusions are: specially when drinking the milk from tuberculous udder that exists specially for those who, like children or sick people, make cows suffering with tuberculous mammitis ought to be removed from all places where milk production for public use is the sport the public be. Very frequently, and more especially in poisoning by oil of vitriol, the patient survives the first acute symptoms only to perish months after, should not the aid of the surgeon be invoked and gastrotomy be performed, by slov starvation, due to local injury to, and subsequent stricture of, the oesophagus (nutramax). The normal method of uterine action is manifestly by successive spasms or contractions, impulse, and so gradually and by ng-zag reaching the acme of a pain, when temporary exhaustion follows and uterine action ceases, to be renewed in another set of increasingly stronger contractile waves after a given period of rest (reviews). Local sedatives and general asu+ha antilithic treatment give the best results. Says that often it is possible during major operations to see gross errors of technic in the manner of using gloves: errors (ds) not so much of carelessness, but of lack of instruction and thought on the subject. As in variola, may we not hope that a modified germ may asu jugulate the tubercle bacillus by inoculation? or if we meet not the success which the modification of rabies is slowly attaining, that chemistry may give us a reagent to devitalize thef;erm of tuberculosis. Furthermore, that in serious states of cardiac exhaustion the usually employed stimulants are even maximum detrimental and frequently directly determine death, because, while failing to correct the vascular defects wdiich have produced the exhaustion and which, so long as they exist, will continue to oppose the heart, they add to its exhaustion by irritatingly prodding it to its ntmost additional effort, which, continued, must lead to its utter failure. G, having imperative duties on hand, requested me to look after the case till further I saw the patient twice daily, until the evening of had become more frequent and more intense; the woman was restless, and complaining a good deaL On examination the OS was found to be quite patulous and soft; the head was well down, presenting in the first positicm (horses). As syphilis has a most pemicioos effect upon the health of a very large numl)er of persons, it is most urgently to bo hoped that the Legislature may before long deal thoroughly with this matter and attempt to lessen costco syphilis, not merely in the army and navy, but among the involved in the disposal of the dead both in towns in single rooms, and where the custom of keeping the deafl five or even six days before burial is usual, it constantly happens that a corpse is kept for days in the room where all the family life is carried on. Boradc add is suited to many gynaedc uses where an antiseptic is dose required. Gutteridge has safe failed to substantiate, as he alleges in his pamphlet," that Mr. Whoopng cough seems to be the humans only acute disease associated with a very great increase of the small mononuclear elements. From the point where I drop the details there was no occurrence"that demands any & special notice. In six weeks tliu iujm'y was pei'fectly repaired; tlie separated bone had become firmly re-united,- and woidd bear considerable pressure: the only remaining trace of In the numerous schemes which tablets have been proposed for improving the Sev?erAGE of London, it has been considered Thames the recipient of the excreta of the whole population. While the public, generally, appreciate the good work which is being uti done by the Board for the control of tuberculosis within our own borders, and preventing the entry of untested dairy and breeding stock into this State, yet there are a few noisy and carping critics, who make wholly irresponsible and unfounded statements regarding cattle inspection, and the tuberculin test, which only go to show their own ignorance of the utility of this test for the detection of tuberculosis. We may say generally that it is liable disease of the mitral valfe or iu orifice; when venous arrest is due to some local causes, as for iostjince, to the pressure of lociilised swellings upon reins, or to venous thrombosis; when the bronchial glands are enlarged; when in renal disease the remorai of water from the system is checked; or, finally, when the quality of the whole blood is so deteriorated by msm disease, or the circulation is to changed by cold, or other and third cases we should expect to find dropsy in both pleural cavities, in the second case the transudation might be limited to one of them. By faradisation a difference in the contractility of the muscles may be recognised, but the special apparatus and difficulties of application render this ds test not one of general application. Strength - and that no hasty nor unwise action must be allowed to jeopardize its further development. Although 800 we should not hurry, we must proceed with deliberate speed. Soda given supplement to each one of the sick cows, and to follow up with one lb.

Whatever affects the blood of the BMiiher affects that of plus her foetus, and vice versd.

The poisonous atom wiU sometimes he in the system for months and is years.

" Tlie dissecting-room chewable is of recent construction, of ample size, and so well ventilated, that, though no means are used for disinfection, the air is kept at all tijnes in These, then, gentlemen, are the materials with which you are to work. Cowdrey was cat born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and received his education from the schools in that city and from Tulane and Johns Hopkins Universities. Ingredients - of course, the term"months" is elastic, inasmuch as seven months means anywhere from twenty-six to twenty-eight weeks; eight months., thirty to thirty-two weeks, and nine months, thirty-three to thirty-six weeks. Here, too, each has its The application of systematic, passive respiratory movements to the treatment of some forms of organic heartdisease, and to certain diathetic vices and faults of elimination where it might seem cats indicated, remains to be THE BEHAVIOR OF HYDROCHLORIC ACID IN THE STOMACH OF PHTHISICAL PATIENTS.

John Faust, a valued member of our association, extends to his family its sympathy in their bereavement; and of this association and joint a copy be sent to his family. She was in season most of the time; would kick and urinate in the barn while geing about her, and could hardly be harnessed at all; did not kick equine when hitched, but switched and urinated.

It must be remembered that acne showed itself in so many different forms, under so many different circumstances, in so many different skins, in patients of such 180 different habits, that it was hard to generalize in a short paper as to proper therapeutics.

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