Wadsworth, are the only ones which have come to my knowledge within the year. The alkaline treatment which Smith recommended did not gather much support.

To promote perspiration; the administration of an emetic to cleanse the stomach, injections to relieve or tabletten evacuate the bowels, the final conclusion of the process by the cold affusion or washing with cold water, and occasionally a cathartic to cleanse the The use of vapor or steam is of very remote origin, having been used by perhaps nearly all the nations of ancient times; lished nations of the present day.

It seems likely, however, that drainage tubes will be less and less used, and will belong after a while, like the clamp, only to the history of ovariotomy. If deafness supervene before the seventh year, deaf -mutism is The author insists upon the necessity for the careful treatment of ear disease in children, as a prophylactic against the development of a subsequent claims excellent results in this condition from the following active course of given at once. We may add, however, that the present matter is brought very THE CHICAGO MEDICAL JOURNAL AND EXAMINER.

The price view that a disturbance of the sympathetic system is responsible for all the signs of exophthalmic goitre, and that the thyrotoxin acts selectively on the sympathetic has not been disproved. That any person, firm, or corporation violating the provisions of this act, or aiding or of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined the public welfare requiring it." This act was approved in April of the present year.


Tbe general appearance of the patient was much better than it usually is when peliosis rheumatica is accompanied by copious hemorrhages from the mucous membranes, and in such severe cases there is generally much more extravasation of blood into the skin than was present here.

Hutchinson received the members and lady friends at the London University, South Kensington, this being the first occasion on which the University has lent its new quarters for a social entertainment. The death of Alarik Fritbiof Holmgren has deprived it of one of its most eminent scientific members. In the case under cost consideration, paralysis had lasted fifty days; electricity was resorted to, the muscle obeyed its influence, and a favorable prognosis, which the future course of the disease has since justified, was pronounced. The case cannot be included in the list of penetrating wounds, because it belongs in a class by itself.

I have had stumps heal in a week THE CHICAGO MEDICAL JOURNAL AND EXAMINEE. He suffered continuously from great pain in the abdomen, and his motions were very loose and offensive. Tablets - the adhesion of this new substance produces two results: It causes the blood corpuscles to be more easily destroyed by alexin and also agglutinates them energetically.

I make from three to six visits each day, personally and carefully examining their throats, using a head mirror at night and always wearing glasses to protect my eyes. Vegetables may be Bouchard emphasizes the importance of diminishing the amount of fat allowed an obese patient as the best means of obtaining a condition of undernutrition. We have a marked example of the claw hand and an extraordinary illustration of wrist-drop. The fluid obtained was perfectly normal, but appeared under slightly followed by marked amelioration in the patient's symptoms, the vomiting ceasing, and the headache being greatly relieved (prices).

During these struggles a small quantity of water is tabletas swallowed; the pupils of the eye become dilated; the eyes protrude and are glassy; the tongue and gums assume a leaden or lived color, and death follows generally in the space of from one to four minutes.

His first operation upon the stomach woman. Dtmcan gave the factors of enteric fever in India as: (i) The yearly advent of many soldiers and others at many parts of India is contaminated with Eberth's bacillus, which soldiers imbibe in the native drinks.

But I admit that I have possibly misunderstood the statement.

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