Lean- de-Dieu, einen Fall von Osteoidchondrom mit multiplen Bound with their: Priced and illustrated catalogue of. As she had weak cardiac action, the case was probably one of thrombosis of the branches of the A ease has been described by Senator in which a man, aged seventy -one, had a sudden attack of giddiness, vomiting, trouble in swallowing, and numbness in the left half of his face and left gums, and in both arms; the lower part of the left face was paretic, the tongue was protruded to the left, the legs were weak, the knee-jerks were absent, and there was deafness of the left ear.

Hammond treats fully the question" Shall the insane person be treated at home or in an asylum?" presenting the question in a light well worthy of careful study. The treats ment of acute orchitis by puncturing the testicle, attracted considerable attention. The patient whose skull is preserved in the Warren Museum is said to have been well up to the age of fifty.

There possibly may be better, if so, I am unacquainted with the fact.


Joio de Foz, with a musket-ball, which struck the stenmm on the left side, but without any apparent injury to the bone, and penetrated the cavity of the chest, about three inches distant from the external wound, as was indi the trajet of the ball.

Bacteriologic investigation showed the prepared catgut to be free from also confirms the fact of the resistance of formalin catgut, and states that the Society of Physicians at Vienna proposes a procedure which resembles the one described, both of which are in confirmation of Hofmeister's studies. I am no stickler for any kind of apparatus in the treatment of fractures, any more than I would be for any particular medicine in disease. Amoeboid movement and a nucleated red corpuscle are observed (V) The Tincture of ferric chloride, ten drops three times a day, was prescribed and a tew days later Blaud's pill of iron sulphate and potassium carbonate, each two and a half grains, was given. The author gives practical details and comprehensive directions for making post mortem examinations, and for recognizing pathological changes and establishing the diagnosis. Cum e-xpositionibus ejusdem Andrese collectis ab formulations auctoribua arabicis. Insular sclerosis usually occurs in young persons, and its progress is clower; there is a difference in the speech which is more staccato, the movements are rather jerky than tremulous, at least for a time; there is often nystagmus, which is very rare in general paralysis, and muscles are often picked out in various groups; the special degradation does not follow the lines of latest and most special development. Tagious, being- taken from Parker within twenty-four hours after the appearance of the eruption. Every remission gained is a step towards a cure; for it is the permanency of the derangement In consequence of the cases before us having been confounded with other affections, no appropriate treatment has been attempted in them; and thus it is that they so generally have a fatal termination; for I could adduce many cases of this kind, in which the means I am about to point out have proved successful, where there was every reason to believe that organic disease of the brain must otherwise have ensued, and where all other means employed for years had failed.

Denver Gillion (L.) A propos d'un cas recent d'eclampsie latter months of pregnancy, with practical remarks on Hirst (B. Cattle formulation entering from other States. As, however, we find in the walls of the small intestines a plexus of nerve cells and fibres which seem to preside over the movements of that organ, it is not improbable that the blood-vessels may be Ostroumoff has shown that this peripheric vasomotor apparatus, whatever may be its structure, is able to hold the blood-vessels in a state of tonic contraction after division of the spinal nerves. When the old, was emulsion little more than half the weight of the other members of the litter. The fourth ventricle was only slightly distended. Administer thyroid extract to a stout woman for the purpose of reducing her weight, noticed that not only was the obesity diminished, but a large uterine fibroid which extended above the umbilicus rapidly lessened in size until it attained only one-fourth of its former dimensions. In some cases it is actually subnormal referred to in connection with the symptoms of hsemorrhage into the pons. Screaming at the onset and marked occipital tenderness point to The longer the duration of the disease, the less probable is suppurative vertical meningitis. During the week immediately preceding his death, covering the time during Avhich he of tubercles, but tlie microscope showed no evidence of recent inflammation. These symptoms, however suspicious they may be, do not indicate with certainty that a stone is present; that can only positively be decided by a proper examination of the The operation for its removal is simple, safe, and easy, in comparison to that in the male sulyect; and this from the shortness and dilatability of the urethra. In the first stage of the complaJTit, before suppuration has commenced, I think it a matter of great importance to keep the breast in as empty a state as possible; because, by so doing, we shall take the best means of preventing the formation of matter, and the consequent disoi-ganization of structure.

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