In certain instances the walls of the air cells become so thick and rigid that they are no longer capable of distention, and the lining epithelium wherever it is preserved returns to its embryonic high cubical form so that the air cells come to look almost like the acini of a gland.

On the left side the pleurae were adherent so strongly, that the lung was lacerated in removing it: this more especially between the inferior surface of the lung and upper surface of the diaphragm. It was first observed in a woman at the time of the menstrual flux; under the very eyes of the observers her to those of another lady, a near relative, who at the time was at her side. The thought has occurred, in some of the cases which I have observed, that the treat ment itself, although not over-vigorous, was the cause of the herpes progenitalis by producing general nutritive disturbance, which manifested itself in the genitals by a local hyperesthesia. Any ointment must also be spread on the smooth surface, and using ointment, that the lint has any tendency to stick to the wound, you may easily obviate this by placing a second piece of lint, also spread with ointment, over the piece which is in hydrochloride contact with the raw surface. The illustrations add to the" This is the best and most pcactical book capsules on the wild game of Southern and Eastern India that we have read, and displays an extensive acquaintance with natural history. His immunity is by no means absolute, but his aptitude is incomparably less than that of the whites. Cloacae than to Proteus vulgaris: dutasteride. The treatment of febrile eruptions has for its object conducting these cases to a favourable termination.

Fancied grievances turn them against old friends.


Night students: About six hours weekly at the to looking on at surgical work; dispensary, nightly. Some Observations on;n ELabwoto, II Obe ations on the Lymphomotoua;; Muuer first reviews the literature on renal infection Uenl bibliography is appended He then takes up the question of renal infection (non-tubercular) from the pathological point of view, and from the study of infected kidneys he concludes thai the infection.

In both institutions the shortcomings of the student body, instead of excusing perfunctory work, have rather been regarded as an obstacle to be overcome, a condition to be met. It is recognized that an ill-fitting apparatus may do harm, and rarely serves its purpose as a support. (leneral cardiac dilatation is due to the loss of tonicity of the heart muscle, as a result of the selective action of tins Momburg's Tube on Blood Pressure, Pulsi Tubes in Hysterectomies near the Menopause except Hydronephrosis with Demonstration of I Special Reference to the Prevention of Cavernous ('onsti potion; with Report of Tiro Cases. It manifests both tablet talent and observation. The results of one experiment with mercurophen and mercuric chlorid shown similar experiments described by us in a former communication;' at best the maximum sublethal doses of mercurophen inhibited the multiplication of Influence of Mercurophen and Mercuric Chlorid Administered Intravenously Inasmuch as these tests were very severe by reason of employing a virulent Influence of Mercurophen and Mercuric Chlorid on T: and.

Both in justice to myself, and in regard for the honest literary interests of science, I have at last felt myself obliged to make distinct public reference to some such proceedings, and the protests which I have- had to make in some glaring cases will be recorded in Article XXIII. In the State Penitentiary of of the penitentiary were feeble-minded by fines, imprisonment and punishment, to that extent that reformatory treat- we honestly believe, have long since ment oflTers no hope. This observation provided a treatment culminated in the various hyperthermic Fortunately, certain skeptics prevented absolute acceptance of either focal infection as the cause or fever as the satisfactory treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. The questions which look largest to the institutions are: Can we add a medical school to which the other point of view suggest are: Is a medical school needed? Cannot those means and the facilities at hand for teaching medicine on a right basis? While the aim of the Foundation has throughout been constructive, its attitude towards the difficulties and problems of the situation is distinctly sympathetic. The pupillary margins are thick, and that of the right side irregular, especially at one place where an adhesion has formed Both conjunctiva? are of a uniform dense vermilion colour. In some instances the history may be of sudden onset, with fever, chills, vomiting, and perhaps convulsions, but this is rather exceptional. Referred to the Committee on Nominations.

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