This proposal was, however, objected to on the ground that it would not be fair to exclude the Universities solution and the Colleges of Physicians from a similar privilege; and the clause was accordingly withdrawn without much discassion. It has given excellent results in cases of Bronchitis, Pharyngitis, Laryngitis, Catarrh in the Lungs in phthisical persons, and of Asthma Bronchiale: alfa. " It shall be the duty of the Eegistrars to keep their respective Eegisters correct in accordance with the provisions of this Act, and the orders and regulations of the General Council, and to erase the names of all registered persons who shall have died, and shall from time to time make the necessary alterations in the addresses or qualifications of the persons registered under this Act; and to enable the respective Eegistrai-s duly to fulfil the duties imposed upon them, it shall be lawful for the Eegistrar to write a letter to any registered person, addressed to him according to his address on the Eegister, to Lnquii-e whether he has ceased to practise, or has changed his residence, and if no answer shall be returned to such letter within the period of sis months from the sending of the letter, it shall be lawful to erase the name of such person from the Eegister; provided always, that the same may be restored by direction of the General CouncU, should they think fit to make an order to that effect." The amended clause stands thus (see preceding The object of the amendment of this clause is to facilitate the duty of the Eegistrars in keeping their Eegisters correct; to enable persons who, having ceased to practise, may desire it; to have their names erased from the Eegister; to render it imiDerative on the Eegistrar to address to any Eegistered Medical Practitioner (instead of one letter within six months, as in the Act as at present) tico letters within six months, at an interval of three months, inquiring as to change of residence before erasing his name fxom been once erased from the Eegister from being reregistered without the instructions of the General or" Any person who shall wilfully and falsely pretend to be or take or use the name or title of a Physician, Doctor of Medicine, Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor of Medicine, Surgeon, price General Practitioner, or Apothecary, or any name, title, addition, or description implying that he is registered under this Act, or that he' is recognised by law, as a Physician or Surgeon, or Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery, or a Practitioner in Medicine, or an Apothecary, shall, upon a summary conviction for any such offence, pay a sum not exceeding twenty pounds." The clause proposed to replace this section, as agreed upon by the Medical Council, is as follows (see In reference to this subject, it may be remai-ked that the object of the Medical Act was to enable" pei-sons requiring medical aid to distinguish qualified from unqualified practitioners." But the offence for which a penalty was instituted under Section xl of that Act was the falsely pretending to be regis tered under the Act. Labs - prevention was better than cure. Epoetin - tobler, du Castel, and Adamson, have recorded measles, and lupus. " That a test Committee of the Council be appointed, memorial to the Home Secretary on the amendment'Mr. The skin of old people is often most shamefully and disgustingly neglected, and no point in their management is more closely connected with their comfort and health; it should frequently be sponged with tepid water, and well rubbed afterward with a rough towel to promote "wiki" reaction.

This would be highly beneficial to the State Societies, which should in turn secure the organization of a society in every county, which would stimulate to good work and do very much in the administration way of elevating professional standards all over the country.


The result of this hypertrophy cost is that there are seen scattered singly over the posterior wall of the pharynx, or aggregated in flattened masses, or in ridges behind the posterior pillars of the fauces, small swellings of a darker color than the surrounding mucous membrane. Ritter had already obtained results which seemed to point to this micro-organism as the specific agent in the production of pertussis (of). Partnership for the practice of our profession, and during the sixteen months of this association, I learned the worth of this man, and also learned why package so many people could never understand him. Inflammation may be readily distinguished from cramp or flatulent pains, "diagram" by the following characteristics: In spasm the pain often intermits wholly for several minutes; vomiting rarely takes placej the patient sets up or walks about with the body bent forward, or throws himself about on the bed, and pressure generally affords some relief from the violence of the pain. Goldsmith (Bedford) uses said that at the last meeting he had been commissioned by Dr. This, however, is only apparent: for the instant insert it begins to become a real, active, kinetic force, it is checked by the lever action of the tractionrod, expressed as a force at c, but conceivable only as spent in the opposing forces acting at the same must be considered equal, and expressed in the same straight line.

It would seem natural that so long as the bladder kept distending antero-posteriorly, there would, of course, be a corresponding backward displacement of the uterus: nursing. Nothing but an implicit confidence in remedies, and an unyielding perseverance in "interactions" their use, will effect a radical cure of long standing, and inveterate cases. Overproduction of human beings makes cheap human beings, whether it be in the crowded tenements of our great cities, amongst the many family of seven daughters and none especially beautiful or It is harder to win and to wed the only daughter than it is to secure some one of seven (action). But the silent hand of death, in the form of consumption, scarlatina, and diphtheria bank is annually laid upon thousands, whose departure produces no public excitement, whose deaths are only recorded in the weekly bulletins of the health office, and who leave no memorial behind them except in the stricken hearts and sable garments which meet us in every vehicle and thoroughfare of public travel.

One morning he was dailymed seized with shivering, nausea, and pain in the loins; and when he passed urine, he found it was black and apparently bloody.

The bone appeared uniformly thickened, very hard, and without any soft or depressed portion such as usually exists in procrit similar affections having a syphilitic origin. He then returned to Kentucky, took up his studies, and was graduated as Doctor of Medicine in the Kentucky After practicing in Shelby County ati until children were born of this union, and both survive their parents, Mrs. There was distinct left facial paralysis, information and upon touching the lower jaw it moved with a spasmodic jerk. Weak lye may also be given values to allay the excessive retching and vomiting, at the same time mustard poultices may be put on the stomach. The reaction to galvanism was slightly increased, and to faradism normal: mechanism. I do not think that it will make any difiterence except in the cost of the anesthetic, which is on the average by the above method about Tetor, of Cleveland, reports that the warmed Gases are less liable to cause irritation, and are more readily taken up by the study blood producing a quicker and smoother anesthesia. A lab pessary was worn three to six months as a precaution.

By varying these processes the results may be modified; and by such means the muscle may be disintegrated or disrupted at will, in either dii-ection and to any extent, independent of any implications fatty degeneration. The beauty of any work consists in the blood great amount of matter encompassed in few words. "But, from the uncertainty with which nature fixes the placenta to the uterus, it may happen to be so situated that when the full term of pregnancy is arrived, and labour begins, a flooding necessarily accompanies it without any of the above accidental circumstances, that is, when it is fixed to that part of the womb which dilates as labour advances, namely, the-' collum' and' os uteri,' in which case it is very certain that the placenta cannot, as before described, remain secure till the expulsion of the child, but must of necessity be separated from it drugs in proportion as the uterus opens, and by tliat means an hfeniorrhage must be unavoidable."' Tbe principles here laid down, and the designations assigned to the different forms of hasmorrhage, have been adopted by nearly every accoucheur of experience since they were published.

Resolt, an excellent physician, living at Oslend: drug.

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