C, and a creditable little institution, which is deserving of the liberal patronage of the Incited by an editorial in American Medicine, criticizing certain statistics of Kitasato and the British Royal Commission which throw xr doubt on the long duration of vaccination immunity, one to thirty years after a successful vaccination.

A name originally given by the alchymists to metallic matters when separated from lamotrigine other substances by fusion, from their expectation of finding gold, the king of metals, at the bottom of the crucible. While there off is a supply of these in conjunction with their necessary crystalline deposit, the process of stone formation may readily be repeated, and as age proceeds and the prostate enlarges a condition is superadded favorable to the collection and concretion of lithic acid which did not previously exist. Photos - black never had a wife, but lived and died one of the most retiring of old bachelors that ever was known in the city of his adoption. Dysentery and other infectious diarrhoeas especially are effectively treated with creolin, calomel or hair salicylic acid. THE ADJUSTMENT OP KESPONSE TO NEUVE Jir.niCAL OFFTCr:B TS charge, ELECTRO-TnERAPKUTIO DEPARTSklENT, This paper is founded on the result of tests made upon many hundreds of men wounded in the present war, in the electricity departments of two of the largest 100 military orthopaedic hospitals.

The dentists who charge fifteen and seventy-five cents for plastic fillings, JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Dental science has so advanced within the last ten years that our graduates will be compelled to specialize and our dental colleges to extend their curriculums in order to cover and complete Each year presents a problem for the colleges for to decide what to add and it is more perplexing to fill the chairs as rapidly as the profession demands.


To quote from a New Zealand nurse, in whose country registration has been in force for ten years,"State registration affords to the nurse what she might otherwise not have had, a point at which and to aim, and gives her teachers a standard by which they must do their best to give her a chance to reach. And furthermore, the periosteum covering the squamous portion is does more easily pushed up than that covering the petrous portion, so that the swelling tends upwards. A two or rash more celled superior fruit, bordered by wing-like expansions, as in Elm, Ash, Sycamore, Sec SAiMBUCUS NIGRA. Five or six large special hospitals should be provided in or about London, equipped with pathological laboratories much and staffed by senior whole-time paid teachers and assistants. Those substitute for dressings and bandages for woimds; it is aseptic, non-irritant, easily applied, adhesive, plastic and dries quickly: withdrawal. Griffith, of Pittsburgh, in regard to the silent abdomen, than I have in one "cost" of Dr. The history of the case was obtained at first not without difficulty, and what had actually been inserted into the urethra was a matter for speculation, which the introduction of the lithotrite The following case, analogous with uses the preceding, illustrates the value of the electric cystoscope where foreign bodies of a soft nature are passed into the bladder, and cannot be felt with any instrument: previously, and believed it was now lodged in his bladder. Coli Escherich, the inference is that it price is saccharose.

Ophthalmia, or side inflammation of the eye, is also used as an Blephar-ophlhalmia (PXcipapov, an eyelid). There is also abundant experimental is evidence that it is the cortex, and not the medulla, which is essential to life. Neurectomy, on with the other hand, does not heal ring bone or spavin, but it makes the horse again serviceable. LIST OF QUESTIONS SUBMITTED BY THE BUREAU OF MEDICAL EDUCATION AND Carrel-Dakin treatment of wounds (of). The debate waxes warm at times in regard to which method has the greatest value, and iridectomy still how seems to have the best of it, but there seems to be little dissent from the view that some operative measure is necessary to bring about an artificial It is different in the case of simple or noncongestive glaucoma. Simple medical prescrizione treatment of cystitis, rest and weak antiseptic injections may be sufficient if taken in time.

The duration of attacks observed by us, except in the case of the Of our eleven patients, three (Cases IV- VIIIX), are dead: "effects" in two of these (Cases IV-X), the mechanism of the heart was normal at time of death; we have no record as to the mechanism of the third. Invented by Deschamps, for compressing the artery, and tightening the ligature iu in applying ligatures, and consisting of a long, narrow-, round piece of silver, terminating at one end in a little ring, or hole; and at the other, in a kind of groove, some continental botanists to the simple umbel, the mg term umbel being by tliein restricted to the compoaiid form ol' ihis pan of mdk, obtained by separalinu o( the curd and oil. Microscopical examination shows that this is due to the loss presence of micrococci, joined mostly in pairs, as shown in that the smallest drop contains a multitude of them.

The future of this four-cylinder car, interest by the medical in profession.

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