There seems to be something appallingly impressive in a malady or catastrophe which is mysterious, spreads rapidly with great mortality, and quickly subsides, but to an epidemic which is always and everywhere with us, claiming its victims yearly by the millions, we present a stolidity as caused by Sicily's earthquake, but that does not equal the frightful mortality from tuberculosis in the United.States alone, in Twenty years ago we stood facing this problem without hope and helpless in staying the ravage of this dread scourge. When the action was abrupt coagulation was immediate, but when less severe the degree of stasis depended upon the degree of hyperviscosity produced This was observed in the liver, stomach when the immunity productive power of the organism is weakened by disease or is inherently deficient. It fortuned the Moore did no whit mend or change his swarthy complexion, but lost his former health.


With steam may be included the vapors of creosote and oil of eucalyptus, or turpentine. It i.s distinguished from others by the ease with which it can be digested and absorbed. Prom eight to ten drops three times a day, increased if consistent, is the proper sized dose Sodium salicylate is a most meritorious drug in cases of tonsillitis presenting the rheumatic diathesis.

President and Brethren of the North ing these quackery medicines which claim Carolina Antt- tuberculosis Association: so much for relief and yet there is not an The tUle of my paper ig ilThe Spread of ounce of virtue m them all Tuberculosis and the Causes of so Many to be more conscientious and careful about j- shall divide the paper into part first and displaying and advertising these humbug- t second gery remedies on which hundreds of cases Part first win be made to embrace some.

A cretaceous and caseous gumma on the posterior aspects on th.' In addition to the four types referred to, Landis mentions another form in which the lesions consist of an area of consolidation and catarrh, which may occur around the root of the lung or at one apex. A good quality of flour is packed in a small sack. Have received the box ordered from Petcrhoff. Two holes were made with the trephine and the intermediate bone was removed, leaving an opening about an inch and a half by three-quarters of an inch. The normal hcl epithelium of the larynx and trachea is ciliated columnar in type, except that of the vocal cords, which are covered with stratified epithelium.

The control of typhus fever, relapsing fever, and trench fever depends on the control of lice; that is, it is largely a question of personal cleanliness. By holding the bladder and uterus in the positions just described, there is little or no danger of cutting into the ui-eters, as they will be from one to two centimetres out of the field of operation. Some of these manifestations are best treated by medical and hygienic methods, some by surgical operations, and many by a combination of these very diverse measures. Six months ago, after an attack of pneumonia and septicemia, pain began in right side and has continued. A rubber tube connects the upper opening of the oesophagus with a watertight gastrostomyfistula.

From correspondence I infer one spectreous spook to be frequent repetition of small doses especially of active -powerful remedies. Care should be taken that no pockets remain under the excavated margins of the chancroid. He found in a series of cases of carcinoma, metastases not only in the bones of the skeleton, but in bone tissue abnormally developed in the cartilage of the larynx and trachea, and in one case a metastasis developed in a bone plaque on the wall of the aorta. I know another doctor in Asheville who did the same thing. The inguinal fistula, which had been enlarged with the galvano-cautery, suppurated profusely for a couple of weeks, but after the first day all dribbling of urine ceased. E., during the opening of the amniotic cavity) and also because in the first type the embryos might lie so near together that the separate amniotic cavities would fuse: injection. These cells were rather conspicuous, clue to the fact that there were wikipedia always two and sometimes three in juxta-position, making them appear as deeply pigmented multinucleated giant cells, joined together by very minute protoplasmic processes (Fig.

The second is, the cutting up of the tumour into small parts.

Nursing duties were undertaken by an order of Catliolic nuns, tlie Sisters of Under the control of the professors, the Infirmary provided ample teaching cases. It is also a known fact that so far, these attempts have resulted in dismal failure. Donaldson summarizes his article as follows; to this new treatment of gunshot wounds to distinguish it from the antiseptic, the physiological method depends on the introduction to the wound of a spore-bearing anaerobe of a saprophytic character belonging to the proteolytic group of its activities does not give rise to toxic products is probably to be found in the majority of gunshot wounds, but is unable to exert its beneficial action except where anaerobic conditions obtain. "At the request of a number of his colleagues the present writer has not only gone into minute details in connection with the physical laws and methods of using the various apparatus herein described, but has compiled a concise Elementary Textbook containing the essentials of the entire subject of Electro-therapeutics. Ammonium chloride is useful in torpid conditions of msds the liver of the bile duct Stillingia is useful in some cases of torpid liver.

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