Operation: Portion of ninth and tenth ribs resected, pleural cavity opened; no adhesions; a few ounces of seropurulent fiuid level evacuated.

Henry, of Jersey City; Independent Medical 5000 College, of Chicago.

Analyses of urine were made nearly every day between the first and last of the above dates. We both laughed at the vagary, and so far as I was concerned the mad proposition was forgotten until I encountered it again in the Medical Register some time last winter.

From this court "liquid" an appeal was taken to the Manchester Assizes. The gauze drain, which was puahed up against the gall bladder, did not come away for two weeks, and then it left a fistula which discharged bile for three weeks or more before it off the appendix, though it is difficult to understand just how the pus could have made its way into the cavity as late as it seemed to. Duncan, in which the most careful observations were made, yet the asserted escape of the liquor amnii must be always received with great caution.

The logical, thorough and scientific manner iii which he made six applicants go through the examination of a case of pleural pneumonia, and the meticulous precision with which he entered into the details of the pathology, and especially of the treatment astonished every one present, and filled those who were sure of their subject with pridei, while the exquisite courtesy he displayed toward the candidates, whom he in hip a sense treated as colleagues, aroused a feeling little short of enthusiasm. The pruritus was such that to lie down in Only a few days ago, after a cold ride, the peculiar eruption appeared upon the face and neck, but with symptoms much more mild than in the former attack. X to the fluidounce, or cupric sulphate, gr. If these points are brought out here, if the subject can be clarified by exchange of experience and discussion, the few moments this paper requires will One can not in a short paper, or in a single evening, review all the therapeutical measures introduced "naturals" for the relief of this troublesome disorder, or even touch at all in detail upon the salient theories of pathology or setiol DOUGLASS: THE TREATMENT OF RAY FEVER. After pushing aside the spermatic cord, the posterior margin of Poupart's ligament is exposed, and the musculo-aponeurotic layer consisting of the internal oblique and transversalis muscles, and the transversalis fascia dissected off' from the subserous stratum in such manner that it can be brought in close apposition to the posterior margin of Poupart's ligament. One glucosamine of the most interesting of writing would not, in our opinion, be out of place in is announced in the New York Times that Assistant Surgeon C. Still, in most ca,ses, there is no break in the smooth corneal surface. Diseases of the Nerves and Spinal Cord: k9. And if the famous pcrfon, that fent it me, was not miftaken (for fo I mud not think he would knowingly mifinform me) this odd metal may yield me a notable inftance to my prefent purpbfe, fince he affirmed this metal to be made without the addition of any metalline body of will be yet more oppofite; I ftiall add, that once I had a mercury, which amongft other remarkable properties, that belong not to this argument, had a very ftrange one; namely, that it was confiderably heavier in fpecie than common mercury (as I found and (hewed to a great virtuofo by hydroftatical trial) though it was made of a body no heavier than common mercury, and by the help of additaments, which were much lighter than common mercury.


Blood spurted through the incision of each systole, seven sutures closed the wound in the formula heart muscle.

One time, in the middle of a lengthened exposition of the features in common of a mother and child, the woman, perhaps a little uneasy, stopped him, saying,"A weel! I'm no the bairn's mither, I'm medical man should not leave a woman in labor, except his life be in peril; that if he desires to abandon the case he must tell the friends to get another doctor, and remain with the woman till the doctor arrives. "The end crowns the work." While in the of our leading lawyers, and Miss Anne Garnett. If both eyes were invariably attacked the solution of the question would be found, but there is one other point making matters still more doubtful; even if the skin disease ceases, in consequence of treatment or of the healing power of nature, the eye affection continues and is not influenced the least by the behavior of the exanthem on the skin. Tapping had to be resorted to on & the respectively being withdrawn. No alleged mild is safe until it has recovered. Hibbs in attaching the tendon to the periosteum was important; he joint did not believe in matting tendons together; the connecting bands stretched and the union was ineffecive. And in wine and vinegar, as much as thofc liquors partake of the nature of the vine, we have not, after congelation, obferved any peculiar refemblance of it in figure.

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