On the second day of the puerperium the quantity of blood was much diminished; on the third day it had quite disappeared, and there used is now, nine days post-partum, no trace of it.

By the ancients it was termed atra bilis. Abdominal, Lung and injection Spinal Braces, Uterine Repositors. In some cases there is not the least difficulty in discovering the trichomonas, for they exist in such numbers, and are provided with such evident powers of locomotion, that they are at once recognised; they may sometimes be seen to elongate themselves and change their position after the fashion of leeches, and they appear to attach themselves to the plate of glass by their posterior part, not by means of a sucker, but of a viscid material which leaves a mark behind. Luke, of "is" the London Hospital cut down on the external abdominal ring and notched it, after which the reduction was easy. Kwikpen - daniel Holmes, of Canton, Bradford county, Pennsylvania, communicates a case of Fracture of the neck of the femur within the capsule, with hony union within fourteen weehs and three days. The jaws were firmly insulin set, extremities rigid, and there was very well and weak, intellect perfectly clear, pupils dilated, skin moist.


Publishers of medical books, particularly of American authorship, are earnestly requested to senil, so soon as issued, all hooks of the definition character as above.

Carroll Morgan then presented a REPORT OF THE REMOVAL OF A SUPERNUMERARY The patient, a male, aet. It consists of a steel ring what or band, about a quarter of an inch in thickness and five-eighths of an inch in width, of an oval, or rather ovoid figure, measuring inside eight inches and a half in the long diameter, and about six inches in the greatest transverse diameter. I have heard of some having made this exchange, and of charging me with giving a formula that was unpharmaceutical, they not knowing, I suppose, that crystallized white sugar, contain ing so much more water of crystallization than the brown, requires a smaller amount of water to give it fluidity. Whether these fibres were the remains of the fibre of the texture on which the matter was deposited, or whether they were fibres in WDulJ have much the same appearance in deposit under the peritoneal covering of the small intestine, near an ulcer. On the left lobe, at its upper portion, there formulation was found a small streak, about two inches long and half an inch in width, the color of which was white-red: the rest was dark brown. From these considerations we must admit the bills of birds and of tortoises as belonging to the A further confirmation of this opinion will be found in the manner of development, as instanced in the mandible of the parrot and tortoise. FUNCTIONAL DERANGEMENTS IN THE DIGESTIVE OR CHYLOPOETIC Under the above head will be arranged all functional derangements connected with the processes through which the morsel passes, from the time it enters the mouth, until digestion is completed and the debris cast off; including mastication, deglutition, digestion proper, lacteal absorption, and defecation; involving principally the salivary glands, oesophagus or throat, the stomach and bowels, liver, spleen, and pancreas, and the lacteal absorbents.

A canula was introduced, and a site half-gallon of pure yellow fetid pus escaped. In the summer of had a convulsion, and about the same time he "for" lost power in the left hand. Marcet related a case of morbus cicruleus, in which the only material disease found after death was complete adhesion of the pleura pulmonahs to the pleura costalis, so as to obliterate"With reference to the condition of the i"ossa ovalis most contradictory statements are recorded. His own account seemed to warrant that opinion. It sometimes comes away spontaneously from the anus, and is not unfrequently evacuated with.the faeces, thus affording the requisite evidence of its existence. The pipe is made to almost any size and length, and nothing limits it except the cajjability of giving it pressure through a mould, to impart to it form; they make the lead hot in the first instance, after which it is left to get cold.

The patient should always wear flannel next the skin; and a broad flannel roller passed frequently round the abdomen Moderate passive exercise, mental recreation, relaxation from business, sea-bathing, a journey into the country, a sea-voyage, and a residence abroad, may be resorted to, as recommended in chronic gastritis, when the condition of the disease, or the circumstances of the patient, do not forbid SPLENITIS, OR INFLAMMATION OF THE SPLEEN. There are many cases where further treatment becomes necessary. There is a lesson usp attached to all this.

Novel experiment, recommended by the humalog Commander-in-Chief, has just been sanctioned by Government. It is true that the rash always fades before the child actually dies, because the capillary action has then become too low to sustain it; but a striking in of the eruption is not the cause, nor is a transfer, but an extension of the irritation from the surface to the airpassages.

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