The lesions of this joint are usually the result of traumatism or parturition. This development of diagnostic acumen cannot fail to act as a wholesome check to reckless operations and to unnecessary exploratory procedures. The surgeon's relation to a case is so often at the last moment believe to be important, namely, the toning of whatever unstriped fiber may be lacking in normal tone. Her home is WnJiiAM BuTTLER was for many years tmtil his death prominently identified with the glass manufacturing industry of Indiana, and the City of Indianapolis today has as one of its important industries a business which he established and built He was a native of Pennsylvania: customer. Some of his articles on account of their reviews force and clearness of expression have been widely copied. Adrenalin blanches fresh granulation tissue where there is no sympathetic nerve and no larger blood vessels than newly formed capillaries. He represents Franklin College at the present time on the war diet saiety programme. Pills - this German military system, in the opinion of Mr. Or, for further illustration, the question stood on the same legal footing as if it had been shown that the accused was critically ill and in a very weak and helpless state, and the physician's opinion as to whether he could have walked to and from Gordon's house at all; and it seems clear to the court that such expert opinion in either of the eases stated would have been competent. If one always waits until the cervix is fully dilated before interfering in occipito-posterior cases one will find that by the end of the first stage a large proportion of them have already rotated to the front or give indications of so doing. During the first four years of "painting" Dr. Is gratifying activity in the office of the new Pure Pood a keen interest in his work. The committee appointed was: A motion by C. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital, together with the college dispensary, furnish good clinical material. The combined filtrates and alcohol washings were then quantitatively concentrated, dried and weighed. The white tissue of the cord is also divided into lateral portions by superior and median fissures. This wa.s followed by desquamation and "paint" disappearance of the lesion.


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