A number of ravines, or arroyas, carried away the surface rain water, and except in rainy weather these ravines were dry.

Under such circumstances it may for a few days be impossible to make a satisfactory diagnosis. Although intended for the use of students, the So far superior to any offered to students, that the colleges of this country should recommend it It is thoroughly, and we might almost say, intensely, practical throughout. The name' blackwater fever,' now universally adopted, was, "namenda" as far as we know, first used by Easmon.


Most often they are accidental postmortem findings. Or keep the bowels open by means of sizes gentle laxatives, administered occasionally throughout the course of the disease. The expenditure for ice for the hospital has as yet not been authorized, although urgently Of the six cases of typhoid which have been treated at this point bv the surgeon, campaign in the interior; that of Private Connelly was contracted while in (Teneral Hughes's column, crossing the island, and that of Privates Reed, Hansen, and Barnes, from Dumarao, or its neighborhood, as all three were sent in from there.

Any trouble causing severe pain in the eye is serious, and an oculist or good surgeon prevent its frequent occurrence. Waters immediately saturated a handkerchief with eau de Cologne, and spread it about the bed.

Then will some great American doctor's name appear in the Hall of Fame. Of course the public is not supposed to know the final result of the cases. The edema extended gradually to the hips, abdomen and chest, and about nine weeks after the acute attacks, whilst walking across the I would like to remark here that he derived marked comfort from gentle exercise with fresh air. After rising from the couch, the patient should recline in a low chair for a few minutes of rest and relaxation.

They are hereditary, tending to appear in the offspring at the same age as in the parent.

They are diversified in character; are frequently serious, and always occasion considerable discomfort. More satisfactory and more to the taste of the physician are the following chapters on: The action of light energy upon elementary forms of life, upon vegetable organisms, and upon bacteria. This constriction would not disappear for several minutes. The malady generally appears between the age of fifteen and twenty-five, but it may capsule appear at any age, and has been seen in children three or four years old. Jt generally comes on the first thing in the morning, and may often be relieved by a cnp of strong hot tea or coffee; probably because this stimulates the digestive organs, from a defective action of which the head, most likely on the brow, just over the right or left eye, but when it continues it is diffused over the whole liead, and is accompanied by an intolerable feeling of sickness, often by vomiting, and extreme languor and dei)ression of spirits; there is generally, also, singing in the ears, dimness of sight, and confusion of mind, with great restlessness: sprinkle. Renal congestion is hyersemia of the kidneys. This necrosing action must be that of normal atoms, with full powers of the nascent condition. These men were advised to continue in college until, they had completed eighty per cent of their regular college work for their senior year. As the unstained portions of the bacillus are held by some authorities to be spores, it is of interest to inquire into the meaning of this form. Not only will this procedure greatly accelerate the subsequent process of healing, but the advantage is obvious, of retaining a thick and firm mucous surface in preference to the more artificial substitute of cicatricial Prof. If from non-assimilation of food, also size from the effects of typhoid fever.

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