The important point in the treatment was prophylactic; and this consisted wiki in disinfection of the vagina, where a discharge was present. Exaltation lasting for some months, and followed by depression. A careful examination of these histories does not exhibit any appreciable difference in the proportional number of such cases, whether after small-pox or after vaccination: effects. CHROjSTIC catarrh of the LARYXX IX PULMONARr TUBERCULOSIS' Simple catarrhal laryngitis associated with pulmonary phthisis is often modified by tiie phthisical cachexia. Overfeeding on clover hay, sainfoin, lucem and alhed plants: on chaff, cut strav? and other bulky and innutritious food. Religious counsels and prohibitions have not entirely prevented excesses even in those who were adherents of religion, for man is so constituted that it is not quite possible to have all men follow the wiser course. One said it was the thyroid; another affirmed it to be the pituitary; yet another was convinced it was the adrenal, and so on; the truth really being that it was not any one of them individually, but all of them collectively. The state of the weather and atmosphere, and the localities, to whose influence the military were exposed in Ascension Island, about the period of their being taken ill, are particulars which should be studied in order to arrive at any very f This doctrine is on the decline in France, as already noticed in a previous nicated by them to the Spanish fleet, under the command of world in succession, in consequence of the close intercourse, which took place between the individuals of the new settlement of Isabella, colonised out of the fleet, and the adjoining natives. For him it is an axiomatic truth that must not be doubted, but since this dogma runs counter to all experiences of mankind, we pi are told that by infantile sexuality the Vienna school understands infantile libido or infantile pleasure goal. This, however, is bacteriologically an impossibility, and the "portrazza" evidence that the pneumococcus produces a toxine is entirely clinical.

For such purposes you can study the conditions of the intrapulmonary pressure in the various phases of respiration, and there are numerous respiratory exercises which can be brought into under their own special care, but (portrazza) have done very little to advance its treatment. The iodid rash prophesied by some critics failed to materialize in any noticeable way in more than five girls, in whom it was transi tory and uneventful, promptly clearing up when the treatment was stopped: necitumumab.

Copeland's efforts have been directed to the obtaining of funds and facilities for the hospital treatment and after-care of drug addicts, he has our hearty support, and label we wish him the fullest measure of success. Antoninus suggested five hundred years ago, there is no good reason why there should not be an arrangement by which the drug stores should be open in rotation on Sundays, so that drugs would be always available and only the absolutely necessary articles needed for emergencies should be sold on that day. (The Yarkund specimen is of a dark blackish-green, another kind is of a dirty olive.) Its odour is fragrant and narcotic; taste slightly warm, bitterish, and side acrid. Was the pus in close relation to the anterior wall of the fossa, in relation to the lateral sinus, or in the the lateral sinus? Or did he think it was translabyrinthine? From the examination of the car he (Mr.


This material appears at first as minute spherules in the body of the cells, but eventually it escapes or is set free by the breaking down of the cells, and then the globules coalesce and form colloid masses. Does IThe former alone has any pathological significance, or is parasitic Associated with wliite patches in tongue and mouth of infants.

If before the discharge of pus, give a laxative and foment the parts with warm water. It will, therefore, be seen that quite apart from the very serious objections which have been raised in regard to a selection of strains and the actual method of preparation of this vaccine, there are many disquieting factors which call into question the validity of the claims which have been publicly put forward as to the success of prophylactic inoculation against pneumonia on indication the Rand. Several facts and a careful examination of all their circumstances were required before this connection could be perceived: logo. During childhood let plenty of open air exercise be taken; even during the heat of the day a child will be none the worse for being out in the compound, if the head is properly protected by a light Above all let the children have plenty of sleep; ten to twelve hours per diem are none too much. Remarked that the pulse throughout the affected arm had become very weak; and on the following day it could not be detected either at the wrist or in the tumour, which, during the few days approval that had elapsed since Prof S. Prior to this period the records sales of the interments were confined to particular religious societies, necessarily difficult of access, and, generally, ill adapted to the present purpose.

Billing - the desire for greater knowledge will lead recent graduates to elect to enter institutions affording them the widest experience, with the minimum of routine involving little educational progress beyond an opportunity to perfect various types of technic. A relative majority of people.

I am convinced that Lucas-Championniere was correct in teaching that fractures should be treated by early passive and active mobilization with a moder BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL Ltion of deficits by heads of departments nes the conditions under winch a Q C y may be created aud the expenditure may be incurred in creating such deficits traction to inspectors not to permit the -_ i hi value without reference to tha g and accounting: fda. All are ready to agree that the violent and outrageous are best guarded in a hospital. It is certain, however, that many country people, whose illness had, at its beginning, put on the appearance of intermission, becoming delirious, sunk under it in four or five days. He insists on the importance of suitable food, in health as well as in disease, and strongly condemns overeating and overdrinking.

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