It consists of brandy medicated with cinchona and such pleasant aromatics as caraway, To be taken in a little water four times a day. When oedema sets in around a wound, and there is danger of cellulitis, moneda the part is kept moist by frequent application of lint wet with lead and opium wash, as this is more efficacious than any other lotion. The scapula of the'Ant-eaters and Armadillos is found nearly like that of the Sloth; in the Myrmecophagujubuta a process of bone extends from the coracoid process to the anterior margin, rendering that which is a notch in other species a complete foramen. Young insists upon the existence of the natural connexion by vessels and even by nerves between tlie lens and its capsule; he says," The capsule adhei'es to the ciliary substance, and the lens to the capsule, principally in two or three observe that these points are exactly opposite to the trunks of nerves; so that probably the adhesion is chiefly caused by those vessels which are sometimes seen passing to the capsule in injected eyes. Thayer infers that the lower death rate de of south side houses, as compared with those on the north side of a street is due to the fact that in such houses as predominate in the district studied by him more people sleep in the back than in the front rooms.

It presents along the median line, from before backwards, the articulation of the nasal bone, with the nasal spine of the frontal, the union of this spine with the perpendicular plate of the ethmoid, the articulation of this plate with the vomer, the articulation of the vomer with Along the sides, from witliin outwards, are seen the arched roof of the nasal fossx formed in front of the nasal bones, in the middle by the cribriform plate of the ethmoid, and behind by the body of the sphenoid. Newspaper statements concerning the department's views of the matter reached us before we had received the the official presentment is made, and we supposed that, as is so commonly the case, they had overdrawn the "horario" commissioner's views; but that does not seem to It appears that on Christmas morning there was published in Chicago a cable dispatch from London announcing that Dr.

He had enjoyed direccion good health until about two years ago, when he was treated for"weak circulation". Consideration is also being given to altering the term of office from a calendar year to a July fiscal year and scientific programs which are geared to the academic year.

The set-screw of my one-inch trephine broke, and I was compelled to use a half-inch trephine, which proved to be quite sufti As soon as the button of bone was removed the dura bulged into the opening distinctly.

The following will be the special questions in the Health Department, i. At times there lias been a good deal of delirium, but no other bad symptoms.

There may be different opinions as to the purpose of the Act should the present Bill become law. Strength, or carbolic acid, one part of acid "precio" to sixty parts of water; or permanganate of potass, one grain to an ounce of water; or peroxide of hydrogen (ten volumes strength); and that the best method of applying one or other of these solutions is in spray." Dr. Efforts to revive vision in dolar an amblyopic eye should be persisted in for several years, notwithstanding the seeming hopelessness of the task. By the fourteenth day, the tumour had shrunk a little, and felt denser. We have sedes received other such letten; aad giving publicity to the following statement. The first thing to be done is to fairly unravel the loop, and trace the two ends medellin to the orifice. CannifF means haemoglobin when he refers to To credito the Editor of the Canada Lancet. Of spirit and appetite, heat of the skin, accelerated pulse and breathing, constipation, high-colored, scanty urine, and elevation of the temperature of the rectum, soon followed by a diffuse, hot, tender, shining, itching swelling, spreading from a wound or other seat of irritation, or tasas even on a previously healthy skin. The ulna therefore is the principal lever of the forearm, and the motions of flexion and extension of that segment of the limb upon the arm depend upon it; at its superior extremity it forms a very firm hingejoint with the trochlea of the humerus, but inferiorly its connexion with the carpus at the wrist-joint is very slight, and it forms by no means an essential element of that joint On the other hand, the radius at its inferior extremity forms a very important part of the wrist-joint, but at its superior its connection with the elbow-joint is due to its necessary articulation with the outer side of the ulna. He quoted some statistics, according to which the mortality was forty per cent, under the old method of treatment, and only sixteen per cent, since purgation had been abandoned.


All the instruments, ligatures, sutures, and needles lie in the solution during the operation, while "oficinas" sponges and drainage-tubes are always kept carbolised. To be taken at bedtime and repeated in an To be taken three times a day.

Whatever convenience, theiefore, may attach to the division which obtains between these two sets of disorders in practical life, such a division oviedo is of no use from a classification point of view, and must be thrown aside at once. At that time her general condition was almacentro very bad. When all the reachable adhesions have been severed the cyst is ready for tapping: the trocar and canula, thoroughly clean and previously dipped into a solution of carbolic acid, are plunged into the interior of the tumor at the upper part of the wound.

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