To this stub attach for permanent record, when received, the duplicate record card of the teacher's test of sight, hearing, breathing, and mental, moral, and physical defectiveness, from which make up the reports to the superintendent of public instruction, to the State Board of Child and Animal Protection, and the notification letter to this notice does not exclude the pupil from school. To shorten somewhat the acute stage, to break the force of the disease, and Galvanic belts and disks have been recommended for the treatment of neuralgia, but the objections to and disadvantages of this method of treatment in neuralgia, as in all other affections for which it has been so probably does not, except under peculiarly favorable circumstances, penetrate far beneath the epidermis.


During this time there is a severe burning sensation. Paralysis of motion is a condition for which, from the earliest history of electro-therapeutics, electricity in its different forms has been used more than in any other disease; and not until quite recently has it been demonstrated that there are many other symptoms in which the results of electric treatment are much more rapid and brilliant than in any form of motor paralysis. The symptoms are exceedingly intractable; all ordinary remedies, including mercurials, alkaline mixtures, etc., seldom afford any relief to the patient.

In most cases during the first few days, the head is drawn further back each twenty-four hours and continues usually in spite of any general improvement. Agricultural and other colonies are suggested as wise provision for those under punishment. The glands of the groin Patient admitted to the Jewish Hospital, Brook per cent.

He states that he has himself seen a recurrence eleven years after operation, and not infrequently the patient dies five or six years aiter operation. Two other classifications might be attempted, one based upon aetiology, the other upon function. Let us take up some of the simplest phenomena observed in insanity. To the author's mind, there is nothing more conclusive of pathological heredity, whether as predisposition or actual disease, than the The Hot-Air Treatment In Chronic had a most severe attack of rheumatism and was left with anchylosis of the right knee and both elbow-joints. In many of the other cases in which a radical operation was performed, the prognosis was unfavorable. Astrological influences were already creeping in and the time for venesection was soon to be set by the conjunctions of the planets. The advantage of using both poles is twofold: First. Osier's additions have been made to the chapters on Pathology, the State of the Blood, Surgical Complications, the Diagnosis by Bacteriologic Methods, Perforation "capsules" and Peritonitis, and the Hepatic Complications of Typhoid Fever.

Cases of pernicious anemia effects a remission of symptoms to some extent. He referred to fulgurating pains in the thighs of more remote occurrence.

From the history of one of our cases, it seemed sufficiently clear that this treatment had laid the foundation of an obstinate stricture, and in another case of complete destruction of the virile power it was evident that the symptoms were in a measure due to a most severe and ill-advised cauterization of the ejaculatory ducts. Eustathius, and was the author of an essay entitled" De Regno et Aftectibus.'"' Having completed the treatise to Julian, on the principles of medical.science, which was purely a compilation, and feaUzing it to be too comprehensive r useful purposes, he drew up what unqualifiedly must have en a valuable addition to historical knowledge of the science, and doubtless equalled the history of Soranus on the same etorical declamation were seriously accredited, and as rig Among other excellent services rendered to contemporary ccipts for the practical compounding of unguents, etc, which e had gleaned from venerable sources and found by 10mg experi same a practical cyclopaedia of medicaments. Also it would be well for some member of the board of trustees or of the medical staff to meet occasionally with the group so that he may get something At the end of each meeting, the chairman should impress on all present that the real rule is the Golden Rule and if all will live by it there need be no fear that the institution will not make a O mmon Colds and Other Respiratory Infections Treated Successfully with Penicillin Dust Inhalation of penicillin dust is a valuable treatment for the common cold, chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma with prices acute or chronic bronchitis, and pneumonia, were considered cured. These sections should be one-eight one-sixteenth, or one thirty-second inch thick; they should, of course, be thoroughly sterilized, and after being applied be kept wet with sterilized normal salt.solution (a teaspoonful of common table salt to a pint of water answers every purpose). We are not at present sufficiently impressing either our students, or the intelligent laity, or the scientific world, that we are making tangible progress in the development of the only thing that can possibly justify our existence as a distinct school of medicine. Internal urethrotomy far too often fails to produce Mr: oxsoralen-ultra. In both the cured cases enterostomy and excision were done. Supposing the the poultices are therefore a handicap to the muscles of the chest- wall of the child, to the extent that in twenty-four hours foot.

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