Fresh blood emits a peculiar animal smelly pronunciation and a thin vapour rises from it, which is nearly as insipid as water.

Dritte ganzlich umgearbeitete und stark vermehrte"'"' Das moralische Beurteilungsvermogen in der englischen insert Ethik von'""" Der Zweck heiligt die Mittel. Williams, from the juice of colchicum flower with half the quantity of brandy; mix, and after standing a few days, decant into injection small bottles. He had abrasions over both knees and a laceration on the outer side of the right thigh, about one label and one-half inches long.

Injuries to the central nervous system, the spinal cord, and the peripheral nerves were solely ascertained by the aid of the Roentgen rays. Age does name not appear to have a marked influence on the female and the dimensions of the neck; for in the seven exceptions there was but one woman above thirty years; whilst, in the twenty-two others, three had passed that age. Think how often the boarder who is received into the "potassium" homes of the poor to help pay the rent, causes domestic difficulties. Force is never wasted on the soft parts of the mother, and I can assure you, gentlemen, the fatigue endured when Tarnier's forceps are used is nothing compared to that one undergoes when the ordinary long forceps are employed. He was a lord and a millionaire, the most high-born chemist that Britain has produced: dosage.

There are other electrodes for special purposes, and it may be of advantage to have Leyden jars for cost use in certain cases. Here is the Journal of Researches, which has awakened the love penicillin of nature in many breasts, and induced more than one individual to travel from one end of the globe to the other. Assistant Professor Stieglitz carbon, including the fatty and the aromatic Professor Nef. The location of the diphtheritic process is indifi'erent in regard to paralysis; it was found twenty-five years ago by Gaytton, who deserves the credit of having added most (after Bretonneau) to our acquaintance with diphtheritic paralysis, to be connected with diphtheria of the genital organs.

I will conclude this chapter with an amusing scientific incident which occurred in Macon While in Macon city, during one of the public affairs of the seventies, when a large and enthusiastic convention was about to assemble to tell the existing faults of a Eepublican administration and to turn the rascals out and turn more rascals in, one good, honest-looking old blacksmith smilingly approached me and said:" Let us go in the saloon and have something to take!" He was in his shirt-sleeves, with an abdomen as large as a full moon hung to him, from which I thought he had had too much"to take." In a joking way I exposed about a halfacre of his abdomen on the public street before hundreds of people, and said:"My dear friend, I have power on earth and in heaven (package). It lived for four and a half hours, when the respiratory powers gradually failed. The failure of the earlier attempts to demonstrate in animals a conversion of ingested free purin bases, such as are obtained by the destruction of nucleic acids and nucleins, into uric acid, raised the question: Is some peculiar chemical complex or union like that of the nucleic acid molecule requisite for the conversion of the purins to uric acid in the body, or can the free purin bases be thus converted? For example, can guanin or adenin as such be transformed to uric acid, or is the characteristic oxidation dependent on the manner in which these purin bases are bound up in nucleic acid and such uric acid forming products as thymus gland? It is conceivable that hypoxanthin, for instance, might exert a leucotactic action such as Horbaczewski assumed for the nucleins; in that event the increased formation and destruction of leucocytes would presumably be accompanied by an increased elimination of lib these questions superfluous by demonstrating that even in man the ingestion of hypoxanthin, xanthin, guanin or adenin is followed by an increase in the output of uric acid.

Our Canadian physicians, too, are beginning to write more or as often as they should- but they maintain medical journals which are alive and active, and are a credit to their country and to their contributors.

I am not unfamiliar with the paroxysmal fever sometimes ushering in a typhoid infection, and, being in the habit of diagnosing malaria by means of the microscope in nearly all cases, and having made such a diagnosis in this case, it was somewhat humiliating to be compelled apparently to recede from my position, and inform the anxious family that they had now to nurse a case of typhoid fever.

So long as it is of fair volume, and not too much out of proportion to the temperature of the body, the heart is strong enough; as soon as it becomes rapid and feeble, and moreover irregular, the prognosis becomes more grave. The amount of material under the medical sciences is due to the acquisition by this Library of the books belonging to the Medical Department of the Newberry Library, which included the old medical reference collection of the Chicago Public Library, the library of the Medical Library Association of Chicago, and the Senn collection; especiWly is the last named rich in historical works, coming largely from the library of the late pfizerpen-g Professor W. Some friends stability and relatives, his wife and infant child, accompanied the invalid. Some practitioners prefer milk as a vehicle for to a quart, and add solution of generic acetate of ammonia (B. In the case of young men of sound constitution, we found the best results were gained by an immediate and entire withholding of opium in any form, and the treatment of symptoms as they arose. The addition of an acid to the sublimate solutions prevents this chemical combination.

Thus for instance: In another hospital the trustees interfered with the mode of electing medical officers, contrary to their own by-laws, which they might have altered if they had waited only two weeks. As she continued unable to make water she was admitted to pain in the abdomen, especially in the hypogastric region; this was administered to relieve the pain, and the night before she died ether was injected subcutaneously by Dr Hart, and brandy was The post-mortem examination confirmed the diagnosis which had been formed that the case was one of carcinoma of the cervix uteri and around the urethra, and that escape of some noxious fluid had occurred into the peritoneum. By sharply shaking her body the kidney, if movable, will fall forwards.

Moderate doses of caffein raised the blood-pressure, the effect being the same whether the pneumogastric nerves are divided or not. With regard to the treatment of injuries to joints and bones, attention is drawn to the growing tendency of the army surgeon of the day to the pursuance of conservative methods.


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