Die i)iagnostik verdiicbtiger Flecke in. According to Mansell Moullin, slight traumatisms are frequently the exciting cause of the hysterical form and the injury may be grossly natural exaggerated by the patient. Staphyloma posticum in both eyes "of" with chororotiuitis more diopters in left. F We have but few examples of this J in South America, and in the East i Indies, there are some of considerI able importance, as the ginger, ar This class contains three orders, all distinguished by the respective numbers of pistils in the flowzrs of their genera. There are, however, many preparations known in pharmacy under the name of balsam, which are compounds so formed as to exhibit the appearance, smell, and consistence of the natural balsams: these are called artificial balsams.

After death by smallpox, plague, typhus, cholera, scarlatina, diphtheria, and measles the funerals should be private and the bodies should not be taken to the church. The form of government safeguards against the possibility of any interest gaining ascendency and assures the conduction of all activities along broad humanitarian lines strictly in accordance with To promote the general conservation and betterment of vision, by arousing public interest to a proper appreciation of the importance of eye hygiene and the care of the eyes, especially in so far as it pertains to defective vision and protection in hazardous occupations: Disseminating knowledge regarding the optics of the eye, the prevalence of, and the need of correcting visual errors, and of suitable protection against the special hazards and eye strain encountered in various industrial occupations: Circulating information on the proper lighting of homes, schools, factories, offices and all private and public buildings: Striving to bring about the universal eye examinations of industrial workers and of school children, both rural and urban; also, urging the importance of periodic eye examinations for everyone: Developing or improving optical aids for the alleviation of visual troubles: Compiling reliable data, publishing and circulating literature pertaining to eye care: Enlisting the aid of, and rendering service to State and Federal Governments and all departments of health and education: Cooperating with all existing agencies concerned in any degree with the movement for better vision, and striving to coordinate their efforts: To act in all of these enterprises without bias or prejudice, actuated preeminently by a desire to further the public welfare and to increase the efficiency, comfort and happiness of humanity. Here the tenderness was greatest. Cholera and dysentery also might be grouped with these, as cholera appears to be produced by various vibrios and dysentery by different There are other infective diseases, in which we have not yet found the causative micro-organism, but we presume its existence. In the last case, let her keep near the door of the room a cotton wrapper which can be put on over her dress whenever she enters the room. To his credit must be placed a large share of the defense of the profession and the physical welfare of the people of the state, both through organization of the profession and the securing of beneficial legislation against incompetence and quackery.

La niortalita per tifo e pnoumoiiite nell' fatte iiel laboratorio di flsiologia diretto dal des vices dc conformation de I'anus et du rectum ICoviiii (Vittorio). This decreases very notably their functional ability. Numerous points of myelitic softening were found in the cord (ppt). While I think catgut can certainly be sterilized by any one of several methods, still the methods are time-consuming, and considerable experience is necessary with some of them in order to insure perfect results. This condition of chronic capsulitis may be accompanied by adhesions to the adjacent parts, Ijut (iii.) Lucalised thickenings on the peritoneal siLvf (ICC of the spleen are one of the commonest post-mortem appearances.


If there is excess of fluid, open. The healing of the lungs, which are thus supplied with good and healthy blcod, is hence very much favored by those means. We understand by gravel, small sandpke concretions, which pass from the kidneys through the ureters into the bladder, and thence from the system with the urine.


Or formalin improves the mind. Die Fiirsorge fiir invalide Aerzte, Arzt See Fever (Typhoid, History, etc., of), by localities. I need not enter into an extended discussion of this complication, but I shall merely say that my experience in both its operative and palliative handling has led me to believe that general purulent peritonitis is not amenable to successful treatment (pharmacology). I shall not go over the large amount of work that has been done quite recently on this subject, but it seems to me the conclusions androgens of Duering represent the best knowledge One other extremely interesting question is that of immunity or immunization, and the general question of intoxication or immunization of the child in utero. Perhaps the same may be said of that in use Had ergot not been given, and had forceps been applied at the proper time doubtless a majority of the cases mentioned might have been saved (synthesis). The suspicious and typhoid case is analogous except that here the delay of an hour corresponds to that of a month in an advancing chronic case. Auweisung zur Traubeuliur als selbstiin diger Heilmetbode, wie aucb als Nacbkur der Brunneu- uud Badekureu; nebst Anleitung zu Seliweiekart (Heinrich). During the time the patient remains in the bath, the stimulating drinks should be occasionally repeated.

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