The causes of the irritation and inflammation of internal organs are various, as changes of temperature, derangements of the circulation, derangements of the nutrition, resulting from bad diet, impaired digestion, improper habits, exposure, the depressing effects of moisture, heat and cold, and from derangements of the physical and chemical properties of the blood, nervous derangements, imperfect elimination of excretory substaneee, as uric add and other noxious compounds, resulting from the imperfect action of the skin and kidneys, and the action of various morbific agents introduced from without or generated within the system upon the organs directly or through the In inflammations, when a very large amount of blood plasma is thrown out, the capillaries are ruptured, the blood, with its red corpuscles, is mixed with the exuded liquor sanguinis, and the exudation thus formed compresses the parts, paralyzes the nerves, obstructs the blood-vessels, and arrests the circulation; whether such products of inflammation with the injured tissues will pass into mortification will depend upon the extent to which the powers of the general system have been prostrated, and upon the extent to which the circulation and nutrition of the absorption, the physical and chemical forces are no longer directed by the vital force to the constant destruction and repair of the structures, and a new set of chemical changes are set up, resulting in mortification; the constituents of the blood are altered in their physical and chemical properties, the blood corpuscles assume a dark purple and blood color, and finally break down and disintegrate, the tissues of the part enter into the general ohange, the fat and fibrous oellular and muscular tissues are detaohed and finally decomposed into amorphous granular masses, and various deleterious and offensive gases, as sulphuretted hydrogen and compounds of ammonia, with many Whilst in this manner inflammation may terminate in gangrene, we should not regard the various results of inflammation, as adhesion, exudation, suppuration and absorption, as connected with mortification, or as forming necessary steps leading to gangrene. Contrary to the accepted doctrine that pus points outwardly, it is as prone to discharge into the lungs, stomach, intes tines, or peritoneal cavity as to find its way to the surface.


When headache is present it is apt to be severe, and is increased by straining. Such an event may be the result of the vasomotor paralysis produced by toxic agents, and a special form of paralytic vasodilatation has been described in connection with syphilitic myelitis. It has recently been announced by the medical authorities 120mg of the War Department that" students who at or before the close of the present winter session will be qualified for entry to one of the examinations for the third year students in medicine, and duly enter for the examination for which they are studying, will not be attested until after its conclusion, and if they are successful will be included in the class I of fourth year men under Lord Derby's scheme." I This decision w.:l go a certain way towards satisfying those critics in the medical profession who had Ijccome concerned about the possible shortage of doctors in the future, though it still leaves tho younger student, not yet within sight of his intermediate or second professional examination, open to the blandishments of the recruiting seigeant. There is no palsy of pharynx or of tongue as a Avholc.

Tlie senile and arteriosclerotic forms chiefly affect 120 the fifth nerve. Several chemists have found the 80 water of the Passaic River contaminated by sewage. Perhaps the most valuable of these chapters is that on the digestive system, which is illustrated by some admirably drawn figures: 80mg. Farrar, er The Use of Gifts and Opportunities.

These microbes may, as classification is important for treatment as well as for the understanding of the mode of infection and of the evolution which (presumably because they find ready-made pabulum in the blood fluids) can live and multiply in serum; and a class of scro-saprophijtcs which, so far as wo know, can develop iu the blood fluids only after in question being that which inhibits those digestive iirocesses which would bo capable of converting the native WOUND INFECTIONS AND THEIE TREATMENT' the serum when wc m:ike only a suiall implantation, but To the category ot scrophijtes belong the streptococcus the former with respect to its power of multiplying in perfriuffenn); the effects Bacillus jnoteiis; its close eongenei-, the bacillus commonly found in foul suppurating wounds. The memorandum goes on to suggest that all teaching hospitals should take advantage of tlie scheme approved 60 by the War Office under which recently qaalified men are given honorary commissions and seconded to voluntary liospitals as residents for three months, subject to tbo liability of being called up in emergency at forty eight hours' notice.

The blood pressure more quite normal, as in a woman, aged forty-three years, brought to the hospital was found in the right hemisphere. If any ruling of mine has ever seemed to you to be arbitrary, rest assured it was not my heart, but my head, that was at fault. Kidneys of usual size; capsules peeling off normally. The rapidity with which it can be applied, the readiness of perceiving and correcting any malposition of the fragments without the disturbance caused in removing dressing, as the limb is always exposed to view, the case of making applications to the part in cases of compotnd fracture, while the comfort of the patient and the results following its use, compare very favorably with those of more complicated ANCIENT SPECULA, AND THE CONICAL OR OTUNDBICAISPECULUM OP THE MODERNS. That they are not elements of degenerated corpuscles is too evident from what has been stated to require As to the true nature of the organism only conjectures are possible at this stage of the inquiry. Sometimes the first indication is intense headache, cerebral vomiting, or a general convulsion, followed, it may be, by delirium and rapidly deepening coma. The manufacture of patent medicines had led to the piling up of enormous fortunes, but it side was equally possible to make great incomes out of the legitimate pursuit of pharmaceutical chemistry. Leyden and Goldscheider acknowledge the possibility of primary degeneration confined to the pyramidal tracts, but the clinical diagnosis of this condition they believe is impossible, and therein is the important factor. It is customary to distinguish a primary from a secondary incoherence, the former appearing autochthonously, independent of any other psychopathic symptom (e. One would sleep while the other played, etc., for they had two spinal marrows, two brains, two hearts, but the last two occupied a common pericardium. The Xaval and Military Pensions Bill, having been amended in the House of Lords, now awaits consideration in the House caps of Commons.

Although active and as full of energy as in the days of his youth, he had reached the age of sixtythree years. They occur more frequently daring the night and morning than during the balance of the day, and are preceded and accompanied by the intestinal gases appear to be constantly in motion, indicating fermentation. For some time past; he has been under the necessity of keeping himself in ihe semi-erect position, with his head inclined backwards; and wh.n he goes to sleep, he is obliged to mg be supported in bed with pillows in the above posture. Mr Maunoir has been in London for hcl two months, whef. Journalise board of trustees of the Society of Medical Jurisprudence and State Medicine has taken action that has resulted in the passage of a resolution by the society expressive of sympathy with the medical men under indictment for the part taken by them in the post-mortem examination of the late Dr. Should precede clinical application of an antiseptic; but not being aware of such experimental facts, and not having time or facilities to elaborate them, I simply offer here the results of a limited clinical experience with the drug, hoping thereby to direct attention and investigation to the subject, and ultimately to call forth more exact knowledge of its properties, powers, advantages, and disadvantages. Some nervous women are annoyed by clammy hands and feet, or by profuse sweats, which often are not general, but either local or unilateral.

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