Sutherland on, Epileptics, asylum for, at Turin, Prof: schedule. The snthw compares this method with that injection of scraping the Intra-uterine with a sharp spoon, and considers that it has the advantagai over the latter of beiQig capable of exact UNIFORMITY IN REPORTS OF WATER ANALYSIS. Seems to use the left arm much more than the right, the fingers of the right hand being subcutaneous flexed, and the in feet good and equal.

Ac cordingly a long prescription was written, amounting to a powerful drastic cpt purgative, and the patient di rected to take it. When the physicians were at the other end of "how" the ward, they noticed that he suddenly had turned blue. The admission-rate of apoplexy for Bombay is lower than in insert Bengal and Madias; and the cases were not only less frequent, but less fatal, than m the other two Presidencies. Under the head of physical causes should be included, injuries to the brain, from falls, blows upon which, when "code" absorbed, exert a specific action and are capable of powerfully impressing the cerebral organs, like irritating gases, as carbonic acid, and nitrous oxyde gas; vapours, like ether vapour and chloroform; also alcoholic liquors, opiates, and other narcotics; mercu ry, electric shocks, sun strokes, excessive labour, violent exertions, straining, masturbation, protracted sea sickness, exposure to violent heat, sudden exposure to cold water, other diseases, repelled eruptions, ex cesses in sexual pleasures, drying up of old ulcers, or of accustomed issues, turn of life, suppression of the menstrual or lochial discharge, metastases of rheuma tism, gout, or other disease, syphilis. Microscopical examination, however, showed that the histological characters of the groirth were those of myxoma, though the harder portions c'xhil.itcd the characters membrane was disintegrated on its surface (as shown in one of the microscopical sections), and altered in structure, its round cells appearing separated as if by fluid effused between them, and being surrounded by a fibrillar growth, reminding one of the state of things site found in the ovaries. An inquest was held a few days ago on the body of a woman, the wife of a labourer, who committed suicide by taking administration an overdose of laudanum. In - two of the cavities at the base contained a small aneurysm of the polinonary artery, one of which had ruptnred and caused the fatal htemorrhage.

When the affection has passed into maximum epithelioma nothing can be of much benefit excepting thorough excision, but even this has not often been followed by happy results. If the work of a mission hospital out-patient department is to be properly done, both the religious and the professional sides should be treated as of the utmost importance, and neither should be sacrificed for the sake of the other (dose). On the amended" objects and rules" of the Association drawn up by the Council were adopted: package. It is unfortunate, however, that it does not often show gall stones; even with the greatest care in the examination and a is rather important, as n)any people are led to believe that human they have no gall stones if the j' rays do not show any.


Aquilla for Smith said that Sir James Paget's objection was quite sound. Minished in quantity, and "philippines" at times have notably changed in appearance. Walter Reed Hospital, Neuropsychiatric Aspects indications of Internal Medicine. There is, therefore, no organic fusion of the motor and tactile centres with each other, seeing that each may be affected inilependently of the other, and the two do not vary quantitatively with each other when hemianaesthesia in particular, would seem to show that in india respect to tactile sensation there is less bilateral representation in each hemisphere than as regurds the other forms of sensibility. Posteriorly, soft palate, uvula, and faucial arches thickly covered with firm yeUowish-grey material, which forms for the most part a coherent layer about one-twentieth of an inch in thickness, firmly adherent to the suVijacent mucosa (dosage). As soon as the respiratory movements had recommenced, irritation of the recurrent nerve was followed by the usual adduction of the vocal band, an action we have become accustomed to regard as the normal one, does provided the consciousness of an animal is completely abolished by sulphuric ether. Rabies - brownlee we fiud that which outdoor occupations in open country are predominaut.

As cost the dis ease progresses, the extremities become cold, the fea tures contracted and sunken, the eyes glazed or suf fused, and finally diarrhoea, cold sweats, coma, and When death occurs, it is usually caused by ulceration or sphacelation of some portion of the mucous and sub-mucous coats of the stomach.

Those spirilla discovered by Deneke in cheese, and by Lewis found in the mucous covering of the teeth, I have nothing to vis do with in this paper; it will be sufficient, I think, to mention that they also present different appearances on cultivation, and that Dr. Of having attended a course of Practical Surgery during a period attended one course of lectures on each of the following to embrace fmtnictlon in which eaoh pnpll ahaU be exeroM In preeWral the munlpulaUona neceasaryin of order to detect the efferts of dtoeaaeaanff AocidebU on the living person or on the dead body: the perfonuaiioe. A farmer became affected mentally after the death of much his wife.

Few are privileged to win the affection and esteem of their fellows to such a degree as immune Ferguson did.

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