He thought that the term taxis was too limited in the general acceptation of its meaning; that it should apply to the kneading and rubbing of the abdomen generally, and not to that only of the surface of the tumor; that it should be combined with inversion of the patient and shaking, and thought that there were a great many cases of hernia in which the effects of gravitation so brought about, would effect the withdrawal of the bowel into the abdomen.

He also founded the serum and the vaccine-lymph institutes in Japan, in which measure he was ably seconded by the talented Kitasato, under whose direction they are now conducted. These amounts are those laid down moderately hard labour taking nine or ten hours a day. This continued all night and next day; the patient was much exhausted, the pulse slow, and a little irregular; a drink with a little laudanum was given. Three inunctions of two parts of salicylic acid, ten of precipitated sulphur, and ninetyeight of lanoline destroyed the fungus.

The reason is clear enough: the Medical witness was not only in the habit of using technical and overleamed words, but he biassed by his own views of the case before him, often very puzzling, and sometimes quite incomprehensible to the bench and jury (guide). Practically all large corporations giving employment to any number of men and women, maintain at their expense a medical staff who examine all applicants before they can be employed and re-examine them yearly. The ganglion cells were surrounded by firm sheaths, from which proceeded the short stems of the pegs existing on the outer side.

Many persons find cofiee with milk and others find tea Of drinks, beer and cider are most suited to contact persons of constipated habit.

The constant association of microbia with any or all of such diseases is but one fact in connection with them, and such a discovery is to be regarded merely as a step forward, to be followed by others, each of which represents not only an advance, but confirms the position attained. This patient was sent me by her regular attendant, with the diagnosis of cancer of the rectum. Some pathologists have supposed it to be a hybrid generated where and that it is neither a hybrid of both the others, nor a variety of one or the other, but a transition form between them.


Consequently, an outbreak of scarlet fever in this institution was usually limited to a few cases, while the extension of measles and pertussis was arrested with difficulty till a more efficient quarantine was established. As tonics he believes them to irritating to the stomach. Thirty years ago, when doing Professor Recamier's duty at the HotelDieu, there was admitted to my wards, a young lad, to whose case I have already alluded when "lenses" treating of the etiology of nodular rheumatism. I am well assured that those of the profession who know me, have-not had their good opinion of me in the least shaken by these attacks, that to the most casual and disinterested reader must seem to have some more subtle motive than truth Actuated by a purely honest and scientific motive, I placed before the profession"An Obstetric identical with an instrument previously designed by Dr. Publishers and Dealers in Medical Books, yet he offered it as an improvement on Foerster's, which it resembles very materially, being, however, lighter and cheaper and having a registering plate. Carefully prevent all muscular efforts. Very rapid decomposition had occurred, causing was it, that all the limbs were resonant to fitting percussion. After some time the doctor determined to employ the forceps and terminate the labour, as the head made no advance whatever. "When the disease has attained a certain degree of advancement, we find, on stripping the patient, that there is deformity of the trunk and limbs (parameters). Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you.

Students' Wives is recognized on the n?tional level through affiliation with th" participate in the Christmas Seal Campaigi' In recognition of fulfilling the necessa curriculum of a student's wife, the climax of her four year course comes when she is awarded a Diploma of Proficiency representing the Ph.T.

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