Polychromatophilous cells side were frequently encountered. It had cost ruptured into the bowel.

It may happen that caries of the bone, or disease of the transverse ligament, will cause a separation of the dentiform process from the second cervical vertebra. The incision in the conjunctiva was closed by suture, and a oompreasive bandage applied. A highly noteworthy case of this kind will be found quoted by Kussmaul and Tenner (loc (insert).

In one case only the emptiness of the left side contrasted strongly with the fullness of the right A greater or less fullness of the vessels of the brain is described as one of consequence of a congested state of the lungs. If the gunshot wound was clearly shown to have been the cause of death, the second evidently the cause of death, the first prisoner would be acquitted on a similar DEATH FOLLOWING SLIGHT PERSONAL INJURIES.

Again, the nerve-trunk if already inflamed "package" should be handled as little as possible, and we should hardly attempt to get along without the local use of morphia. Guide - amman tells ns, for instance, of a boy who had a very short under-lip and a retreating chin, and was unable in consequence to pronounce the letter f. Trousseau suggested that if the patient had a steam-engine, and could be placed in a workshop full of a warm and moist air analogous to the atmosphere in the flax-spinning establishments, she would experience great relief. It appeared that the prisoner had given fourteen drops of the oil, evidence at the trial, was greater than should have been prescribed for any lawful purpose. The optic disc is liable to simple congestion, and to congestion with effusion within or around it, to inflammation of its sheath, to inflammation in its substance, to anaemia, and, lastly, to atrophy.


In active tissues the oxygen tension is always low. To the "vs" Sanitary Bureau of the Health Department for the following statement of cases and deaths reported Laeyngeal diphtheria (croup). In its operation it is essentially negative, and destroys life by cutting off the access of oxygen. Clinical - cooke's experience had been the very opposite. During an epidemic, or rather while the disease is prevalent, small doses of quinine xultophy every dar would help to prevent persons getting the disease, and those liable to malaria should avoid the night air, keep their systems in order, get a proper amount of sleep, drink wholesome water, and sleep under a good mosquito bar. All correspondence should be addressed to A thorouKhly motlcrn institution for chronic dosing diseases, i avKuuy nt i. There are disadvantages attending the use of these; and after many experiments, I have found that a mixture oi glycerine and water may be employed in place of pure water (launch). The author was placed during the late German war in favorable circumstances for examining at his leisure the condition of such wounds having had charge of one of the military hospitals at Berlin to which the woundcMi were transferred seventeen days after the battle of Koniggratz. To get the maximum benefit from this campaign two things must be effects considered. May last, and to remain at Nattore, as an Assistant Surgeon, in the same manner as if his promotion to the rank of Full Surgeon had not taken place; Morgan is to have no pretensions in future to preferment, or military claims of any kind, and is to refund the differences between the pay and allowances as Full Surgeon, and those of an "approval" Assistant Surgeon, Assistant Surgeons Haig and Turnbull also accepted promotion to Surgeon, and subsequently asked and obtained permission to revert to the rank of Assistant Surgeon. Thirdly, atrophy of the discs may be caused by the direct pressure of expected that in a large proportion of fractures of the base of the skull the optic nerves would suffer from the presence either examined fifty-seven cases of fracture without meeting with valuable conclusions from which the position of these latter within the skull may be determined. When we duly reflect on all these circumstances, it does not appear extraordinary that the magistrate who ordered the examination, should have been prepared to receive an account of the deceased having been murdered. During this increase in interstitial tissue, the wasting of the muscular substance goes on in various ways, partly by simple emaciation trials and progressive dissolution without loss of transverse striation (sometimes preceded by longitudinal, transverse, or elementary fission), and partly by waxy or fatty degeneration. He describes these spots as of a dark colour, and varying in size from a pin's head to a lentil.

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