The nerve-roots, especially of the Cauda equina, were dotted here and there with nodular growths. From the use I have made of it I do certainly consider it not only acts as a tonic to the nervous system, but as a food." pharmaceutical chemists, has moved into new and very much enlarged quarters. The zone between masterly in activity and hopeful procrastination is rarely well defined.

Firm anchylosis in a good position is nature's preferable to a loose joint which is rapidly ground to pieces by friction, and arthrodesis performed in the early stages results in marked benefit. When we recall the remarkable relief that followed venesection, the quiet restful repose of a patient who but a few moments previously had been silting up gasping for breath and complaining of intense pain, we cannot wonder at the reluctance displayed by the profession when asked to cast aside a remedy so powerful to relieve and believed to be so certain to cure.

Secretary Alger has taken much interest in this matter, following so soon the case of the Seneca, which, about ten days since, brought to Xew York a large number of sick and wounded, and which vessel also was said to be unsuitable. If a younger brother settles in a new house, he takes his favourite sister with liim, and not the woman who, according to the custom in all other countries, should keep house for him. Being found in PauUinia in five times the quantity that it exi.sts in the best Cotter.

As a rule it is the complication "bounty" which kills the patient, and not simply the sloughing appendix. Silger demonstrates that the normal sedimentation time in a newborn point out that certain mothers give birth to babies with hemorrhagic disease, and that these babies are less responsive to treatment. Hufeland "vegetarian" early asserted himself against the system, although he recognized Brown's mental penetration and sought to discover a few useful doctrines in the mass of false propositions.

I made the statement ten years ago at a meeting of this association, that venereal diseases was the most serious public health menace of the day, and that we were say we are doing something about it. He uses this linament after the hot water dressings This formula for a concentrated solution is given by S.

Variability in the histologic structure of the hypernephroid tumors has been repeatedly noted. The degree to which this sensitiveness becomes developed is almost inconceivable. VANCE, of New York: The preparation on which I place the most reliance is Horsford's Acid Phosphate. RUMFORD CHEMICAL WORKS, Providence, Rhode Island. He believed that the" fringes of fat," described by Sir Astley Cooper as having been found at the autopsy of George IV., passed their Kxamination in the Science and Practice of Medicine, and received certificates to Practise, on Thursday, Fiederiok Wright, Stamford-bridge, Yorkshire; Jnlui Ben-y Unlock, London; George Jolin Bliisaon, Guy's Hospital; Joliu Kobinsou, Wintcrtoii, Lincolnshire; Ai'thur NVigleswjrth, Liverpool.

My excuse for presenting this paper is to attempt to give a practical method of handling an affection that is fairly common in infants and young children. The formula crescent body in shape and size resembled that described by Laveran and the Italian authors.

Since his admission to the Coluny he has repeatedly complained of hallucinations of sight preceding and following his attacks of petit nial at night.


The Welch, for instance, as a race, are not less purely Celtic than the French, and yet the duration of life presents as high a value throughout the Welch counties as in the other English. In our army during the brief conflict cent were incapacitated for service on account of illness, while or wounded in battle. Jones has found the application of aconite lotion very beneficial, at least apparently, though it is not always easy to say how much of the improvement is owing to the lotion and how much to the tonics given The strength of the aconite lotion has been one part of the tincture to two parts of water, of the veratria ointment ten Regularly transmitted by Post throHy?toiit Great Britaiiif and to the most distant of the British Colonies. The general discussion.will be limited to four minutes. After I had examined him and started giving him some directions, he said,"Now, doctor, mmh, there is one thing I want to ask you about." I said,"All right, sir, what is it?" He said,"Mmmh, would it, mmh, hurt me, mmh, mmh, to take just a leetel bit of toddy before meals?" I said,"No, sir. In New Jersey, on the other hand, one of the counties, Gloucester, in South Jersey, is quite low, but it belongs to the group in which tuberculosis is least prevalent. Nature - a post mortem examination made with the assistance of Drs. State and seacoast quarantine, sanitation pertaining to railway transportation and laws pertaining to the pollution of streams illustrate, in small part, the many ways in which National rather source than State legislation is demanded.

Hefore the evacuation of the pus the apex had been in the right parasternal line. His religious rites, different from those of the Hindoos, are ever causelessly bloody. You can satisfy the family and in the end, you have given the patient very little analgesia.

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