By Henry This manual is specially designed" to provide for the student a guide to the stady of elementary dermatology, and to afford the practitioner assistance in the recognition and treatment of cutaneous diseases." The author is thoroughly conversant with his subject, and has produced a good practical work, one which possesses many advantages over the text books of Wilson, Fox, The arrangement is excellent, the chapters clearly written, not too long, and free from that tedious terminology which distracts the student, and makes him forswear the study of an exceedingly interesting department of medicine.

Electrio bella, electrio lights, safety elevator, library, daily Papers, open iires, and eveiy appliance for oomlort, health, and On line Delaware, Lackawanna h Western R.B. It is frequently a matter of great difficulty to distinguish between fore-legs and hind-legs while the foetus is in the uterus, but as it is a point of the utmost importance that the practitioner should know, he should never rest until he becomes thoroughly satisfied as to which are presented, and until this information is gained, not the slightest effort should be made to effect Breech presentation, or presentation of the hind-quarters, is one in which delivery is very frequently rendered impossible, or can be effected only with the greatest difficulty. It was applied diluted one-half every three hours.

" By means of differences in pitch, conjoined with that of quality," he says," the respiratory sign called bronchial or tubular breathing, may be readily distinguished n-om the cavernous respiration; a prolonged expiratory sound proceeding either from vesicular emphysema or an abnormal exaggeration of the vesicular murmur, that is, not denoting solidification of the lung, need never be confounded with the prolonged expiration which denotes a tuberculous or other solidifying deposit; exaggerated or puerile breathing is easily recognized cut bronchophony is distinguished from a simple increase of the resonance of the voice, and the pectoriloquy arising from solidifying lung is discriminated from the pectoriloquy which signifies a pulmonary cavity." Dr. The vexed questions of contagion and quarantine are so intimately connected and associated with the very mention of this disease, that no one can discuss it without being which nations are, as a body, affected, and in which the remotest portions of our country are interested, however exempt they may be from the possibility of being stricken by the fever. Lookhftrt Clarke disoosees in an elaborate in paper the diagnosis, pathology, and treatment of progressire looomotiTe ataxy. You are all familiar with the patient who comes in with a marked exophthalmus or rapid pulse or who is extremely nervous, so nervous that she can hardly stay in bed, sometimes nauseated, with all of the symptoms of exophthalmic type of goiter and extremely ill: be. In emaciation, therefore, the deposition of fat can be attained only by feeding an increased amount of fat and not by increasing the albumin in the diet. The caseous mass undergoes a process of liquefaction, and becomes converted into a curd-like puriform fluid.

T'other replied," some of the locks of a virgin." Thirdly, Supposing our student to have made a sufficient progress in philosophy, he may now pass to Leyden, and enter himself into a Collegium Anatomicum.

The mother advised that the girl had previously you had such attacks at the time of her menstrual periods, and that other doctors had failed to give anything that would relieve her. He was of the type of days gone by, suave, courteous, kindly, an old-time family doctor. If tubercle were the result of existing inflammation, then the active antiphlogistic remedies recommended would be judicious. Compared with the nervous diseases of man, those which affect the lower animals are few and insignificant. The symptoms of glomerular nephritis are to be explained on the basis of general capillary damage as well as the special capillary damage resulting in renal insufficiency. These were decidedly fatty degenerations, for they were almost completely untransparent, and filled with closely-packed fatty granules; so also were their processes (tablets). Besides talking, and those conditions of can nerve-tissue which do not necessarily result in outward movement; e.g,, subjective talking. For example, it is generally taught that when a patient is apoplectic and comatose, the pupils are widely dilated, and the eyes amaurotic; but this is invariable sign of brain disease.


He was a most perfect miniature of the best formed English pointer. The makers of" Fit-reform," through their brand and price printed in the pocket, are directly responsible to wearers for fit and service, instead of being merely responsible to dealers for selling effect. In human medicine, infusion of sodium chloride solution especially is recommended in place of transfusion in poisonings, cholera, etc. I do not make use of cold water injections, which I consider injurious in all inflammatory affections of the sexual organs, because the water itself acts as an irritant independently of the mechanical force which it exerts upon, the parts, but I apply dry cold by means of my vaginal irrigator, which is a sort of metal speculum placed in the vagina and so arranged that a constant stream of cold water may be conducted through it, and I make the applications from three to six times daily, according to the severity of the symptoms. During the last stroke or two of the knife, two arteries were divided, and quickly secured by gratified in half being able to verify my diagnosis. This would be a simple, inexpensive way of proving the value of medical treatment, and would soon create a demand for a farm hospital. There was great pain for an hour, and from that time the pain ceased and the finger improved. Albumin, milk, gelatin solution, lime water, magnesium Ammonia.

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