The raw thermometer, giving the exact temperature of the body, is a most valuable aid in clinical investigations.

Desquamation follows in "calcium" nearly every case, but may be so sliglit as to escape detection, and if the skin is cleansed thoroughly and oiled daily the scaling is scarcely noticeable. Amended to read as follows: (additions italicized) The dues and assessments of those active members who have been graduated from medical or osteopathic college not more than five calendar years, not counting active service in the armed forces of the United States or in the review United States Public Health Service, shall be one third the amount levied on all other active members. The infectiousness begins with the earliest grow symptoms, and is more intense early in the disease than later, although it may be transmitted even in the late stages. If the veins returning the blood are obstructed in the same region, we may have either dropsy, inflammatory rheumatism, erysipelas, eczema, or varicose veins, caused by the stagnant, pent-up reviews blood, on one side, and heart disease on the other. Personal "perfect" medical care is primarily the responsibility of the individual.

Annette side Calloway, Chief, Psychiatric Social Ira D. Regarding the danger of an operation, he thought surgeons ought to bone be able to promise that the operation at least would not endanger life in adults. Suffice it to say that judicious individualization, the personal equation blood of operator and patient, and the time element especially, are all factors which must be taken into account in reaching a decision in any particular case. The rupture may be sudden with massive intra-abdominal bleeding requiring immediate blood does replacement and surgery, or may be delayed over a one to three day period. Such an assump tion may serve to explain many of the singular facts noted in connection with the occurrence of pandemics; but it involves also the absolute abandonment of any hope that science will ever find means to prevent the disease: iron. He thinks that he is worse than he was six months aso, and that his trouble is increasing every day: vs.

The man zinc who yesterday complained of the lack of education, both general and professional, of the new practitioners wdio swarm about him to be his competitors and associates, to-day colleges where diplomas are ground out in the very shortest time. On examination, the usual condition of the cerebral hemiplegia of childhood was found, the paralysis in this case being on the right side of the body, more or less marked in the face, and accompanied in the extremities by a spastic condition of the muscles, and by exaggerated reflexes (prenatal). In some patients it is necessary to use more dilute solutions "dha" of iodine, as the drug may give rise to a cellulitis.

The New York Hilton telephone Coffee, sponsored by the Medical Society of the State of New York, will be served in the Exhibit Hall on the second in the Trianon Ballroom, preceded by effects a reception in the p.m. Employ usual precautions in treating anxiety formula states with evidence of impending depression; suicidal tendencies may be present and protective measures necessary. As the child grows older he should be taught to hold himself properly and outdoor sports of all kinds should be encouraged, but d3 care taken to regulate them to his strength. This doctrine no doubt bears a large share in producing the high mortality in infantile diseases: code. In this capacity he must coordinate all those factors which posed at the exhibit displayed at the Illinois State Medical Length of Stay, Short-Stay Hospitals, Series B, medical student and National Treasurer of the Student American Medical Association, bestirred many physicians weight in the audience. In this particular case, fifteen times as much urine was discharged from one ureter than from the other, and at a subsequent operation it was found that the kidney which had excreted the urine so slowly was healthy Dr. Syphilitic uk affections of the nervous system are late forms.

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