The pain troubled him to some extent after resuming work and then disappeared completely.

Tion of the Medically Useless Contrast of Mental and zen concludes that carcinoma of the skin of the limbs is not a common price affection. In the first place it was unusual for the barometer to drop one inch in so short a time, and in the second place observations had proven that the influence upon the body of variations in pressure were greatly overestimated. The latter has a tendency to discolour light hair, to which fact attention should be called before using it.

Fhe specificity and reliability ol this During the initial stages in the formulation of this typhus surveillance program, it was felt that the Weil-Felix (WF) agglutination test, if employed, would facilitate serological testing because of its operational rapidity and simplicity, compared to the CF test. It is desirable to note in this connexion that the chemical aud bacteriological examinations for many of the health diplomas are so practical, and the acquired bj' ample work in a laboratory, he would not be The regulations of the General Medical Council require qualification iu medicine and surgery) shall have passed through a stated curriculum in the subjects of sanitary science. In respect of the military forces it will be its duty to obtain for the army, navy, and air service, within numerical limits imposed by the War Cabinet, such men as can be withdrawn from civil life without detriment to the maintenance of essential public services and the due performance of the civil work necessary to maintain the forces at sea, in the field, and in the air, and any nucleus of civil occupations and industries declared by the War Cabinet to be necessary. Tho forearm is supported with the bent flat and then twisted about an angular bend near the end of the anterior thoracic bar of the Thomas arm. And sixty cases with CASUALTIES IN THE MEDICAt SERVICES. But it attacks the coronet and the interdigital space, is exceedingly contagious and arises independently of potato-food. In common practice, a most useful position for work about the vagina, vulva and anus is the Dorsal position, which is obtained by swinging the feet in upright stirrups, or hanging the knees over knee-holders supported by upright bars fastened at the corners of the table. This is grandiose but not impossibly Utopian; it is a practical everyday affair to the surgeon who steadily preserves that Depth of excision has always been cultivated, and after excising wounds in the usual way for nearlj' two years I attempted to stain the track. In view of the circulatory disturbances (cyanosis, small pulse, etc.) which were probably due to pericardial adhesions and mediastinitis, increased area of precordial dulness (due to pericardial and mediastinal thickening), dulness over both sides of chest posteriorly (pleural thickening) ascites and the enlargement and increase in hardness of the liver, he ventured to regard the case as one of polyserositis or indurative mediastino-pericarditis or"Zuckergussleber" (Curschmann) as the affection was variously termed. A week later repeat the scab-bath, and again, if necessary, in fourteen days. In rheumatism, gout, and other joint diseases, it is best to begin with small doses of radium water, and gradually increase them until a reaction (of pain, slight fever, etc.) is noticeable. No other university is in a better, even if in as good, a position to smooth the financial path of earnest students. Pathologically, there are no changes except the effusion into the Arthralgias, or joint pains, are among the first manifestations of acquired syphilis and occur in the larger joints in the early secondary stage, before the rash appears (side).


Tliese two bacteria can be differentiated ouly by my absorption method, as demoustrated by Boycott, lor the typhoid-paratyphoid group of micro-organisms. Acute dilatation of the stomach (acute ischochymia), according to Einhorn, may result from an acute inflammatory process of the gastric mucosa as a consequence of errors in diet. When foreign bodies are in the oesophagus, we may try arecoline or pilocarpine. My first impulse was to leave and go home, nasal but I resisted this feeling and remained. Following the second series, the report concludes: These cases illustrate the fact that anemia and passive hyperemia so lower the resistance of the organ to a blood infection as to result in definite surgical lesions. While not absolutely conclusive as regards the role played by pressure on the dorsal nerves, the investigation has brought out certain interesting facts which the author summarizes at the end of the book. Fitch said that notwithstanding the contention of some of the English authorities that secretin has no physiological action when administered by the mouth, his personal experience effects had thoroughly convinced him that it is a potent agent when given in this way. The fluctuation in membership can only be accounted for by poor selection of Councilors and Secretaries. The autopsy showed cirrhosis and extensive broncho-pneumonia. This irritation or traction spasm originates at some particular attachment of the appendix to a branch of the mesenteric plexus and reaches the musculature of the stomach by way of the mesenteric and celiac plexus as follows A: aerosol.

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